Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mission Trip

It has been a bit of a whirl wind, but Matt and I are going on a mission trip to Odessa, Ukraine June 4 - 13! We are really excited and extremely grateful we are able to go on this trip. To make a long story short we had planned to go to Mexico through Christian Medical Dental Association, but due to the violence (and my mom's demands) the trip was cancelled. That left Matt and me wondering if a mission trip this summer was really God's plan. After looking at trips through Pinelake and other area churches we found the Ukraine trip through Broadmoor Baptist in Madison. It fit with our time frame and even though we missed the deadline, the group leader allowed us to sign up. Had I waited one more day to call the flights would have already been booked and we could not have gone.

We were initially drawn to the trip because it is a medical trip, BUT because the teams were already formed and assigned out Matt and I knew we needed to be flexible. What we did not know was just how flexible. We will be doing prayer walking and street evangelism. WOW, I know. Not only is that an extremely difficult and awkward (yes I said it) thing to do it, but we will be doing it through a translator. Anything is possible through God, but just our prayers will not get us there. We need every ones prayers.

We are still very excited and cannot wait to go! Viva Ukraine!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Very Own Short Coat Doctor

If you have not heard the story let me fill you in.... According to Jimbo Moss (who is his 3rd year of medical school) there are individuals out there that use the ER as their primary care facility. In other words anyone reading this blog would go to a local clinic for the flu or stomach bug, but these people go directly to the ER. In doing that they have learned the ropes of how the ER works. They have also learned that real doctors wear long coats and student doctors (Matt) wear short coats. If a "short coat" doctor comes in to see them they immediately ask for a "long coat" doctor! This information has proved valuable to me at the local clinic when I had the flu, the "long coat" doctor left me with a "short coat" doctor and it did not turn out well. It has also proved valuable to Lisha as she has been able to keep the "short coat" doctors away from her baby (no offense Matt). Every time I ask Matt about some medical condition his answer is always "I don't know, we have not gotten there yet." He will be there before we know it though. This first year has flown by, only 10 more to go, but he will be in a long coat in 3 more years!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


As most of you know since the age of about 4 I have felt what we will call a connection to Ronald Reagan. Like any good parents mine raised me republican and for my 27th birthday my wonderful husband gave me the best gift I have ever gotten (it topped the Tahoe)...... a Ronald Reagan action figure that talks. He sits on the credenza behind my desk and watches over me while I work. This is a fuzzy picture, but you get the idea!