Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DC and a Flooded House

I promised pics.... So here you go.
This was the very first day in DC as soon as we came up out of the metro station. Behind us is the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building!! I was super excited.

Two pics up is the Capital from the Old Post Office Clock Tower. It was frigid up there! Above is the Lincoln Memorial after we walked half the mall. It was good exercise.

Good Ole Abe and us.

Me and my boyfriend at the Capital! Since the security guard was staring me down I decided against hugging his leg.

Dorothy's red slipper at the Smithsonian!!! Only my favorite movie growing up.

Luckily the family that lives in this house was not home (they were in Hawaii) when we took this picture otherwise I probably would not have gone near there.

The blushing bride and groom!

And then there is flood damage!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas, The New Year, and The Flood

I have changed the Christmas background to a Valentine background because I am ready for Valentine's day!!
I have not posted in a while and I promise to post pictures soon, but I will do a quick update. Christmas was amazing as usual, but too short. We got lots of really cute baby stuff that I can't wait to use and I got a new camera so expect some good looking pictures! Not because I am any good at taking pictures, but because the camera is just that good, plus Katie Rose gave me a quick lesson.
For The New Year we headed off to Maryland/DC for a wedding and mini vacation. Matt's good friend growing up Lindsay lives in Maryland now and got married the Saturday after New Year's Day. We had a great time other than freezing to death, but we are doing that now in Mississippi. They had a sit down dinner at the wedding which was the first time I had ever been to a wedding with a seated dinner. It was really nice, but we just love us some buffets in the south! We did a little touring of DC which was fun because I think I was 12 the last time I had been. We rode the metro which was great except the fact that one night I was hungry/nausea and got on..... Not a good combo, just trust me on that.
On New Year's day we got a phone from our neighbor....... They said "there is water pouring out your front door, your house is flooded." Great!!!! It's not as bad as it good be though. The hose that takes water to the toilet tank came undone and spilled water from Thursday night until Friday night when our neighbors found it. Thank God for our neighbors Chris, Susan, and Carol. They swung into action and helped save all of our furniture. After they called us, Matt and I started making phone calls, Serve Pro was here within hours after that and the insurance adjuster came on Monday. The water flooded the two back bedrooms, the hall, the hall bath, the entry way, and half the living room. Matt and I can live in the kitchen and our bedroom while we are "under construction" which is a blessing. All the floors will have to be replaced and all the rooms painted, but we are very fortunate.
I hope to post some pictures soon!