Monday, April 28, 2008

Keeping Up with the Miller's

Matt and I are starting this blog so all of our family and friends can stay up to date with everything going on in our lives (Even though we are boring). Stay tuned, there will be more to come.....

Our Kids

They run our life and we would not have it any other way! They will be 2 June 30 and fully expect another grand birthday party this year!

The Foster Pup

Life has changed a lot for us since we got MC! We have had to start all the way over again with a puppy, but she is learning fast. Elle and Knox finally like her! They play all the time and they are the best of buds!


Matt and I went to Talladega last weekend and had a blast! It was the first time Matt had ever been to a NASCAR race and it was more than an experience! There was more than plenty to see and do! Below are some of the pictures we took on this "vacation" of sorts!

In the stands at the Sunday race! We listened to the drivers during the race and it was great! It is definately the only way to go!

Tony Stewart's Nationwide Car he won in on Saturday

Kasey Kahne is SO cute (Meghan he is still single)

Look, it's a 3rd world country....... Oh wait no, it's FREE camping at DEGA!!!

That is just how they roll!

It was a shuttle to the track, but I do not think it was an official NASCAR shuttle though?

Get er done!!