Friday, December 30, 2011

Fratty Friday

Sorry for falling down on the job last week Fratty Friday fans.  Not being at work makes me lose track of days, then add on a new baby and Christmas and I am just glad I am still alive.  I didn't even realize I had missed anything until Jackson's number 1 Fratty Friday fan Mrs. Karen pointed it out.  So I thought I would make this week extra special.  It's Fratty Friday in Disney World.  Jackson is there with his Gran Dan and SheShe!  Not all the pictures are fratty, but I am hoping you allow me to use my creative license and pretend they are all fratty.
 Even on an all day car ride he keeps it real with his button down and grey New Balances!!  Thanks for keeping his attire Fratty for him SheShe!
And his hair is even beginning to swoosh in front.  He was born to be a Frat Star!
Who is excited to be at Disney World?

His first trip to Disney World worn him slap out!  But there was so much to do and see!
 The 3D shows!
 He was able to take pictures with his favorite person, Hot Dog!!
And saw the Disney Christmas Parade.

I hope you enjoyed Fratty Friday this week and be on the look out for Southern Belle Sunday from our newest addition this Sunday!  Oh what have I gotten myself into??

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Room Swap

We are FINALLY done with the kids' rooms (it does seem odd to me to say kids) and I am so pleased with how they turned out.
I didn't have a clear vision of what Mary Frances' room would look like, I just knew what style I wanted to go with.  It is so girly and perfect!  I think it is my favorite room in the house.  Check out those curtains!!  I feel like they tied the room together when they finally came in.

A few of her Christmas gifts make excellent decor for her room!  The stroller from Big R and Munchkin and her very own chair from Gran Dan and SheShe (in the top picture)!  And of course the baby doll and high chair from Santa.

The beautiful dresser from Gran and Paw that only needed a little paint!  And Aunt Shay, please notice the empty picture frames.....  hmmmm, what can we put in them??
And now for the J-Man's room!  It was packed to the gills before Christmas and now it is for sure.  Check out the lawn mower parked under the night stand. :)
And Da-Da cleaned off the desk so we could put some of J-Man's things on it! Like his barn and books!  Next on my wish list is a bigger house.  Go big or go home!! :)  I just want a house with a play room, 3 car garage, and 4th bedroom.  I mean is that so much to ask??  Probably, but I am asking any way.  Feel free to inbox me if you know of any get rich quick schemes.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keeping It Real Wednesday

Our house is more quiet than usual this week since Jackson is in Disney world with his Gran Dan and SheShe.  I miss him like crazy, but knew he would have a blast getting to see Hot Dog (Mickey Mouse).  And it also allows Matt and I to spend some quality time with Baby Sister.  I should also add that Matt has December, January, and February off.  I am soaking up every minute of it!!
When J-Man is home he is doing crazy stuff like this.  He grabs a book or his computer and crawls into the baby's super sleeper.  It is hysterical!  And not to worry Aaron and Sarah, if he breaks it we will buy you a new one; however, it has a 25 pound limit and at his last doctor's appointment he weighed 24 pounds! 
He only does this when Mary Frances is not in it and when she is he walks up to it and lays his head on her and say "awww."  It just makes your heart melt.  He just left on Monday, but I am ready for him to come back!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus

And finally the Christmas pictures!!  It was an extra special Christmas with Mary Frances showing up early and everyone coming to our house rather than traveling all over the country.
This was our first anual birthday cake for Jesus.  I want to make it a tradition so Jackson and Mary Frances understand what Christmas is all about.  I am trying to avoid them thinking Christmas is about Santa.  And yes, I made it.  The off center wording should have given that away.
Jackson and his Paw doing a little work on the laptop.  I just love these pictures!

Our Christmas family picutre!  Our kids even have matching PJs on!!  I LOVE IT!  I thank God every day and know I am blessed and have one good looking family.  Words cannot even describe how fortunate I feel.
We hadn't even had turkey yet and everyone was napping on Christmas Eve.
We tried spacing out giving J-Man his gifts since he had so many!  So Gran and Paw gave him his tricycle on Christmas Eve.  He jumped right on it and loved it.  He is not real sure about the petals, but he will get the hang of it.
Look at that face!  I could just eat him up.
Other than Jackson's 1920's hair style in this picutre I LOVE it!!  He loves his sister so much and is so good with her.  He could be a little more gentle, but he is still little himself so he doesn't 100% understand.
Just giving "babies" kisses.  Jackson won't say Mary Frances, he calls her "babies."  I am guessing it is because we are always pointing at things saying "that is the baby's."  And when you ask him if he can say Mary Frances he says "NO."  He is such a mess.
So obviously Jackson has my complection and Mary Frances has her Aunt Anna's!
Milk and cookies for Santa.
Santa got Mary Frances' letter in time!  I was a little worried about it, but he came to see her too.
Stockings for the pups, Mama, and Daddy!
J-Man's gifts from Santa!
And Santa ate both cookies and dranks all the milk!  He likes oreos just like J-Man and Da-Da!

Jackson loves his Cozy Coup!  He gets in it and just sits there.  It is so funny.  He really likes the cup holder for his milk too!  He also liked the basketball goal.  It was the first thing he saw when he rounded the corner.  He said "basketball."
Litlle Miss Thing slept through everything of course!
More pacing J-Man on opening gifts.  This was Uncle Buster's gift to Jackson.
Mary Frances and me opening Uncle Buster's gift to her.  A sweet pink dress and shirt.  (He had help picking it out.)
More help from Uncle Buster and Aunt Anna.
ELMO!!!  Jackson loves Elmo!!  Thanks SheShe!
And now Mary Frances has a chair of her own that we cannot keep Jackson out of.  We noticed Jackson was quiet, and we found him in Mary Frances' room with the door closed sitting in her chair reading a book.  Then looked up at SheShe, rubbed the chair arm, and said "nice."  What a stinker.
And after a nap between gifts Jackson was back at it!  A dog back pack from Munchkin.  This replaces his diaper bag.  Now that baby sister is here he needs to carry his own bag so I can carry hers.  He is such a big boy now.
More help from Aunt Anna.
A sleeping bag from Munchkin that is bigger than his crib!  I think he will like napping on it though.  Because every weekend we bring his nap mat home from day care he is always wanting to lay on it. Maybe he will feel the same about his sleeping bag.
Jackson and Da-Da spending a little down time together after a crazy Christmas day.  I was in Mary Frances' room putting up all her Christmas loot and had some really cute company.
Helping Gran Dan put together his work bench from Nana and Papa.
He even broke out the real drill.
I think we have another little engineer on our hands.

And finally a little entertainment for the crowd.  He was dancing and hamming it up for everyone!  He loved having everyone here and we all had the best Christmas ever!!

In the Middle of it All

Obviously Mary Frances coming 4 weeks early shocked us all!  But not everything was ready. In the middle of bringing a new born home, Christmas fast approaching, all our family coming for Christmas, and everything that had to be finished for the baby Matt was in the middle of giving our bathroom a face lift.  Thanks to my new obsession Pintrest, I had a great vision of what we could do to our master bathroom.  It turned out great and Matt finished it just in time.  If it had taken any longer though 8 people would have been sharing our guest bath.
Thank you Pintrest and to my super handy husband!