Sunday, December 21, 2008

I know that I am the worst blogger in the entire blogisphere since I have not posted anything since August! Sorry! Let me catch everyone up.

Matt started med school in August of course, but who knew they would throw parties like fraternities? They had a back to school party and to avoid any girl drama Jason just took Puddin!

Hunter's Bachlorette Party in Gulf Shores in September! This is the only picture I can show you....... Because I am terrible at taking pics. What were you thinking I meant?

This was Hunter's wedding also in September, but since I am bad at taking pics (established in the aforementioned) these are the only two I have. It was a beautiful beach wedding in Gulf Shores and a good time was had by all! Congrats Laura and John! They are now living in wonderful Charleston, South Carolina.
In October we did a little campaigning, but came up short. Thanks to everyone that went out and casted their vote for us though! And I would also like to thank Jimbo and Britney for allowing us to campaign at their Halloween party even though 3 Dem's showed up!
What happens in November? THE LSU GAME! I would like to start out by mentioning the picture of the highchair below. Looks normal, right? Well.......... It was in a BAR in Baton Rouge!

This is my Boo and me. AKA Corey's boyfriend CJ Ketchum

And here is Corey
This picture was taken after we put a major butt whipping on the Tigers in Death Valley!

And this is me and Sheppard Smith from the best network on the planet...... Fox News
Cool huh?

And that brings us to December.
For those of you that received a Christmas card I wanted you to see all the trials that went into it! They don't like taking pictures!

Almost a white Christmas in Jackson

We are ready for Christmas! The pups are looking for Santa!