Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keeping It Real Wednesday

This kiddos get in our bed every monring when they wake up and hang out with us.  J-Man drinks his milk and watches Elmo ABCs.  Mary Frances just hangs out with him and goes along with whatever.  I don't think she will be that laid back forever so Jackson better enjoy it while he can!

 A little bed head and sleepy eyes with his blanket and Dougie not too far away!
Just a normal morning around our house.  Keep it real out there people!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For Sale

Should we stay or should we go??  Well no matter what, we are going!  We find out on March 16 (in 17 days) whether we stay in Jackson or move to one of 6 other cities.  Either way though we would like to move into a larger house.  As bad as I hate to say it, we have outgrown our current home and need to move up!  It was plenty of space for Matt and me when we moved in and we still had enough room when J-Man came along, but with the addition of little Miss Mary Frances we are busting at the seems.  We really need a guest bedroom since our families are wonderful enough to come visit really often.  I hate to leave this house because it was mine and Matt's first home and where we brought our children home, but life is full of change.

I am going to shamelessly use our blog to market our super cute home to any and all potential buyers.  Between a tornado, an internal flood, my OCD, and Matt's handy man skills most everything in the house has been updated.  Our realtor does not think we will have a problem selling it and I hope she is right.  Here are a few cute pics and our MLS# is JA238580.
 Master bath with updated lighting and fixtures with a whirlpool tub and separate stand up shower.  And check out those double sinks!!
 Master bedroom with hard wood floors and plantation shutters.  No need to worry about window coverings!
 Kitchen and bar area that is open to the living area.
 Eat in kitchen with more plantation shutters
 Gas fireplace.
 Living area with hard wood floors.
Guest bath
 Front bedroom with custom closets
Second bedroom and the largest bedroom in the house.

Maybe someone will see this on our blog and fall in love!  We will also have these pictures to remember our first home by.  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Men

Matt and I went to Jason and Kaitlyn's engagement party Saturday and got to see a lot of people we have not seen in a while.  We had a great time visiting and laughing.  It is was so nice catching up with everyone.
 The video guys together once again!  Matt, Jason, and Puddin!  Puddin is also getting married this summer.

 And my men on Sunday morning killing time before church.  The plan was for Matt and Jackson to go to church while I stayed home with Mary Frances.  She is still too little to go to the nursery, she has to have her shots first.  But after sitting still and drinking some juice J-Man was down for the count.
So the three of us stayed home while Matt went to wrangle the 4 year olds.  Two sleeping kids and a quiet house = getting lot done!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

I wish I had more fancy pictures to post for Southern Belle Sundays, but I have had the opposite reaction I thought I would now that I have a little girl.  I love super frilly and girly dresses, but they just doesn't seem as comfortable as footed PJs and gowns, so that is what I like putting her in the most. 
 Maybe that will change when she is up and moving around and not as floppy.  But who would have thought it?  I just want her to be as warm and comfy and possible because she is just so cuddly right now.
 So this is her being super cute and cuddly on the floor napping.  This outfit does have little ruffles on her bottom, but no matter what she is in she is still the sweetest daintiest little thing!
And just like her big brother she is sleeping the best when her hands are above her head in touch down baby position.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fratty Friday

It's Fratty Friday on my 30th birthday. I have been telling everyone that I will be 29 again, but the reality of it is that I don't mind turning 30. Well, except for the fact that Matt is still 28. Grrr! I don't really feel 30, I really don't even feel like a grown up. I guess with 2 kids and a husband I should, but through my eyes Matt and I are still a "cute young couple." HA HA! That may not be true, but we do have the cutest kids on the planet. With that said, on to Fratty Friday.

 Just doing a little homework and studying hard for that big engineering test he has.

 I had to put this one in here because he looks so much like his daddy.  Although, I have to admit I think he is starting to have more of my features.  Like the alabaster skin, chubby cheeks, and eye color.

 Shorts and a button up on an 83 degree February day!  Gotta love Mississippi!
 Drinking a little Sonic to keep him going.  Whether or not he spiked it we'll never know...
 By the look on his face I would say yes.  HA HA! 
 Couldn't you just eat him up!!!  Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


As you can imagine life around our house is pretty busy and I need to play a little catch-up on the blog.  So last week was Valentines Day, Jackson turned 20 months, Mary Frances turned 9 weeks.
 These pictures are of J-Man on Valentines Day with his Valentines gift, some Magic Wonder markers and paper.  Again, the best invention EVER.  Miss Mary Frances got a bathing suit and cover up.  I can't wait until she grows into it!  ADORABLE.
 How grown does he look here?  Too grown!!

 These are the only pictures I got of Mary Frances on Valentines Day.  Again, her being sick really prohibits me from taking pictures.  This was Valentines morning.  With Matt being off work and these babies in my bed it is so hard to get out of bed in the mornings.  And not to worry, they don't sleep with us, they just get in our bed in the mornings.  It is the best part of our day!
They are growing by leaps and bounds and amaze us every day.  At 9 weeks Mary Frances smiles at you and it's not just gas and will follow you with her eyes.  She also loves holding her head up to look around.  There is a lot to see!  And at 20 months J-Man can read "Ole Miss," thinks everything is the color green, can count to 10, and says his ABCs up to G.  He also plays possum and thinks it's hysterical when we do to.  He also thinks Mary Frances plays possum.  HA HA!  He still loves his baby sister so much and wants to help with her.  Brining us her blanket and trying to put her paci back in.  These children are truly a gift from God and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.  I want them to stay little forever, but I also can't wait ti watch them grow and see thier little personalities.  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keeping It Real Wednesday

Granted Matt and I got married almost 7 years ago, but I still wanted to post some of our wedding pictures.  We have had CDs with our wedding pictures on them since we got married, but I never put them on Facebook or our blog since Facebook and blogging were not popular when we got married.  So 7 years later here some of them are......
 As I backed these pictures up to our cloud the other day I had to laugh at a few things; how young Matt looked and how I remembered things in my head was not the reality as I looked at the pictures.  Matt and I were both young; 21 and 23 respectively, but I didn't realize he looked 12 until I looked back at pictures.  I guess love was blind especially when I was forcing him to marry me :)!  And the perception vs reality, in my mind everything I had at my wedding would still be stylish today.  Not so much, but I guess styles come and go in 7 years.

 Anna and Meghan are part of the reason I finally backed up my wedding pictures.  With Meghan getting married earlier this month and Anna getting married in July I wanted to go back and reminisce.  Maybe this will promt Lisha (who got married 6 years ago) to finally order her wedding pictures.

 This picture caused quite a stir in the Dickerson house when it came as a Christmas card (Mrs. Shelia sent out) "From The Millers" the year we were married.  My Dad was appalled at the suggestion I was a Miller.  "She is a Dickerson" he declared.  That was until my mother made him realize otherwise by asking him if he would classify her as a Dickerson or Speck.  That hit home and made him realize his little girl was no longer a Dickerson.  Although, Matt would disagree especially when I am acting like a Dickerson through and through!

So 7 years and 2 kids later here we are today!  Even if some of the styles are out of date now and Matt looked 12, it was one of the best days of our lives and I would not do anything differently, except maybe pick another band since ours showed up late :)!