Friday, May 31, 2013

Miller Mayhem - Friday

Since I missed Southern Belle Sunday last week, today will be Miller Mayhem Friday!  Life has been a little hectic lately, more than normal.  I have been on bed rest for 2 weeks now or house arrest as I have started calling it with 10 days left.  You would think that all that time at home would give me time to blog, but for some reason it has not.  Go figure.  But enough about stubborn child number 3 let's move on to stubborn children number 1 and 2.

Sheshe took the kids to see Bob The Builder at The Children's Museum last night, hence the reason for all the new construction toys!  They had a blast and I will have to post pictures from that soon.  I also plan to post pictures of the baby's room that's really just a guest room with a crib.  Poor #3.
In college life Jackson has his workout clothes on getting ready to go to the Turner Center before heading out to his construction job he has for the summer.  He is using it to gain credit hours towards his mechanical engineering degree. Matt highly recommends he use his engineering degree when he graduates rather than 10 more years of school like his daddy.  :)

And in true boy fashion Jackson wants to beat on everything with a hammer.  Good thing this one is a blow up hammer.

And my Beans.  She was not so sure about Bob or the construction aspect of the museum.  She likes to stick with the girly stuff.  Mainly make-up, bows, and shoes. Jackson used to be completely occupied by toys in the morning while I got ready, but Mary Frances prefers to rummage through my make-up.

I would like to point out the car seat behind Franny.  See, we are somewhat prepared for baby #3.  And I say somewhat because the base is not yet in my car, but we'll get there.
And speaking of rummage, this is her other favorite drawer to rummage through, the drawer that contains all of hers and Jackson's plates and cups.

And I FINALLY got a good shot of her face!  I think I may blow this one up and frame it.  Especially considering I don't have many pictures of her in frames.  When she was a baby I kept thinking we would be moving soon and well, 14 months later, we finally did.  And now I am running out of excuses. But I do need to figure out how to crop Jackson out of the background.

This is the best example of pictures I usually get.  Super cute, but her eyes are closed.  She ran all the way down the hall like that saying "cheese."

I hope everyone has a great weekend and feel free to come over and visit me!!  You'll just have to fix your own drink since I'll be hanging out on the couch!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fratty Friday

The J-Man (and Franny) is out of town with his GranDan and Sheshe and I forgot to take pictures (this is becoming a common theme) before he left, but I think these videos will make you smile!

You will have to excuse the links, but the blog refuses to find my you tube channel.  The first video is J-Man and Franny's Happy Birthday shout out to Gran Dan on Wednesday and the second one is a little snap shot of Jackson's future in NASCAR   He still says he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up.  And if he has this reaction every time someone wrecks him he'll be great for ratings.  Enjoy!  Happy Friday!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Southern Belle Sunday

Just a phone dump of my little Southern Belle being herself!
I was trying to capture the pony tail for my records and it was adorable, but it didn't even survive the 7 minute car ride to school.
And speaking of surviving the 7 minute car ride, on that very same day this chick passed out on the way home.  She had a big day at school.  Now that it is warm enough to play on the playground this little gal wears herself out!
And again later in the week after dinner.  It's becoming a trend.
Her attempt at a selfie.
Her BFF at school, Bailey.  Who is only 1 week older than her, yet stands heads and shoulders above her.  It's ok Franny, you'll just be short like your Gran and Gaga.  But that will actually be easier.  Stores carry petites in stock, but you have to order longs.
This was the picture I sent Matt to show him Franny was happier than when we left.  During the month of April he might have seen her 13 days.  He was on Neruo ICU and it was AWFUL!  I hated it.  He would leave around 4:30 and get home around 9:00.  Needless to say we were ALL ready for April to be over.  Anyway, on an odd morning of him leaving later and Franny getting up earlier she got to see him.  But when it was time for him to go I had to pry her out of his arms kicking and screaming.  It was so pitiful.  But after a waffle and some Baby Einstein she was back to her old self!
Loving to accessorize with her rain coat and purse.  Fashionista!
A little tea party before bed
A little modeling for mama.  FYI - every morning I get her dressed she says "shoes" as I am putting them on her feet and then "bow" when it's time for her bow.  This girl knows!
And lastly a little waffle.  I mean what else is there in life?  She knows what she likes and and sticks with it.  Speaking of, have you seen that little pink blanket appearing in more and more pictures?  She has started calling it "Dougie" since that is what we call Jackson's lovie and she thinks she has to have it at all times now since her brother has to have his blanket and Dougie at all times.  They don't take them to school or into public places, but if we are at home or in the car, they must have them!

Just a week in the life of our little Southern Belle!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fratty Friday

Since I completely forgot to take pictures this morning and I never posted our beach pictures you'll have to live with those.  I mean, what's frattier than a beach trip?  Well, maybe a snow skiing trip.  But you get the idea.
This is how our beach trip started.  Mama had to go to the beach for work and had to drive through this to meet Shehse to drop the kids off.  I guess driving through all that rain wore them out too because this is what happened when they got to Sheshe's.
Meanwhile, back at the beach I was having a real tough work day and had to go see Kenny Chesney in concert.  And no, that is not Kenny Chesney in the restaurant  just some guy that is a really big fan apparently.  I think I am going to try to look like Faith Hill.  Now that's funny.
On to the concert.  I am my father's child so I thought it was too loud and all his songs are about being irresponsible.  Nothing personal Kenny, I just prefer George Strait.  I mean, even Carrie Underwood is always killing someone or tearing up their truck.  
So after a rough work night, I did a little work over lunch.  No rest for the weary.
And this is what happens at lunch when you don't wear sun block.  6 weeks later and my arm still looks like that.  It is a physical impossibility for me to tan.

Matt arrived on Friday night and our vacation officially started!  The kids didn't get there with Sheshe until Monday.  The alone time was just fabulous, but we did miss the little boogers.

I tried my best to lay out and even out my arms, but it didn't work.  Oh well!
I am not sure what the kids loved more, the sand or the water.  Jackson still tells me at least twice a week he wants to go to the beach.  I do too boog, I do too!

They appear to be playing so well together.  It is an optical illusion I can assure you.  The very next day on our daily run to Publix we had to buy Mary Frances her own pale!

I am posting every single attempt at a family picture because they are just too funny not to!  Enjoy.
Attempt 1

Check this frat star out!  He got a whole in one on his very first outing of golf!!  What a stud!

Family pic attempt 2

 Even The Beans loved some putt putt!

 This one turned out pretty good I think!
 Frattiest dude on the beach right here!  He picked this outfit out himself.

And prettiest little girl!

Look at that belly!!  And I don't mean mine!
 This was after his hole in one!  He was so proud!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope these beach pictures hold you over until Southern Belle Sunday.  Before too long we'll be introducing un-named baby number 3!  I guess I should not stress over not having a blog title for him since he doesn't even have a name!  My doctor will take me off of my medicine next week and we'll see what he does.  With all my contractions and dilation one would think he would come right on, but just to be difficult I'll bet he stays in there for 4 more weeks!

Have a great weekend!