Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look a Likes

Maybe one of these days I can have a baby that looks like me, but for now both of my children look just like their father and each other.  If you don't believe me just take a gander!
Mary Frances
Mary Frances
Mary Frances
Pretty scary huh??  I could eat them up!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

Have you ever seen baby Uggs?  They are ADORABLE, but they are as expensive as they are cute.  So....  I bought Mary Frances the crocheted version.  They are super cute and look awesome with her
tan complexion.  I originally saw them on Pintrest and followed the link to the Hooked Boutique website.  A lady makes 3 pair a week and you have to get on her waiting list.  These came in just in time for our trip to Aunt Meghan's wedding next week in Beaver Creek.  She will be styling and profiling on the slopes.
Mary Frances now has a double chin to go along with her tan complexion.  I guess Jackson got this chubby?  I am going to dig up some of his old pictures to compare them because I also think they look a lot a like.  But, I could eat her chubbiness up!  I love her little leg rolls, too bad my big legs aren't as attractive.  I told her to enjoy it while she could.
Happy Sunday everyone!  It is my last day of maternity leave so I have spent the day dreading tomorrow.  I will make it, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to throw myself a little pity party!  But, I can't complain because I'm blessed to have a good job that provides for my family.  God is good!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fratty Friday

Sorry I have been MIA from blogging this week.  It is my last week before I go back to work and we have been extremely busy trying to get lots done.  I'll post more on that later, but now on to  The J-Man.  He is nearing the terrible twos and beginning to do his own thing.

An Ole Miss shirt and your camo pants during deer season.  Now that's fratty!  So what is our little frat star up to this time?

 I asked him to turn around and say cheese and he did, but this was the "cheese" face he made.  Then proceeded to turn and run the other way.
 A little later it was time to bust a move on the dance floor.  Can't you just hear the band at the library now.  All that is missing from this picture are the hot sorority girls dancing around him!
 Breaking it down hard.  I'll be you didn't know a white boy could move like this.
Word up people!
What are we going to do with this kid?  He keeps us laughing, but he also keeps us on our toes.  We recently implemented a stiffer type of punishment our church recommends.  He gets popped if we have to tell him something twice.  It is exhausting, but he is so bull headed we can't let him get the bluff on us.  I'm just worried about what happens as he continues to get older and is smarter than me when he is in the 3rd grade.  I just pray every day that we are doing the right things for him and don't mess him up!! 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Grandparents

We made the rounds visiting the Great Grands on our journey with Matt for residency interviews.  We are so bleesed to have grandparents we are close to and that can enjoy thier great grand children!  Jackson and Mary Frances are so rotten and here are the pictures to prove it!

Gran and Paw

Nana and Papa

Grandmaw and Pawpaw

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

We don't have any super glamorous pictures for Miss Mary Frances today, because her little tummy has been hurting her.  It is not very southern belle like to discuss constipation, but this blog is mainly for me to record our life so that over rules Southern Belle Sunday rules.  Sorry baby girl, but while you are a baby constipation is one of the many unflattering topics discussed about you.  She only gets one formula bottle a day so could that be what is causing her constipation?  I don't know, but we have started giving her Miralax as needed, but we can't keep giving it to her every other day.  We also tried Karo, but that didn't work.

This is how she spent most of the day.  Bless her little heart.  In good news she has moved from eating every 3 hours to every 4.  Just in time for me to go back to work.  And that extra hour makes all the difference in the world.  She also started sleeping for 5 hours at a time after her last bottle of the night.  This means I only have to wake up during the middle of the night once.  This is HUGE for my back to work schedule.  She gets a bottle around 9:00, up at 2:00 then up again at 6:00.  I can't complain because that fits into my work schedule perfectly.  She is a MUCH better sleeper than her brother!  I thank God for that and her health every day!
 There was also a lot of this.  Laying on her belly seems to help.  Hopefully we will get her little digestive system straight soon.  And yes, that is a tutu she is wearing.  She said there was no reason she couldn't look fabulous while napping.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fratty Friday

Jackson keeps reaching new heights of frattiness and just when I think he can't get any frattier, he out does himself.  In the spirit of finding Matt's old KA paraphernalia, I found this in a dresser drawer while looking for Jackson's crayons. 
 He is cruising campus in his truck complete with trailer and frat tag!!  The only thing he is missing is a muddy 4-wheeler in his trailer.  We'll work on that.  Obviously he is cruising campus for girls. 
A really sweet Phi Mu that goes to Campus Crusade to be exact.  God bless the poor non Phi Mu he brings home from college.  She won't stand a chance.  :)  (I am mainly joking.)
 He has made it to the commuter parking lot and is off to class.
Happy Friday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by to check in on our little frat star!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

4 Generations

I am extremely blessed to be close to my Gran and Paw and now my children are even more blessed to have them as great grandparents.  I have this same picture of my great grandmother (Nona), Gran, my mom, and me when I was little.  Now Mary Frances and Jackson can treasure this picture just like I do of my Nona.

Having family is such a blessing and being close to your family is an even bigger blessing.  I am so greatful that Matt and I are both close to our extended families.  More great grandparent pictures to be posted soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keeping It Real Wednesday

What could be more fun than your best friend, cookies, juice, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a cozy coupe, and slide?  I can't think of anything!

Who said drinking juice requires hands?
Matt and Jenni brought us dinner the other night and it gave Jackson and his buddy John a chance to hang out.  They have so much fun together (even if they do fight over toys) and are so stinking cute!

 The slide is officially thier favorite toy.  Jenni and I both agree that we would have said you were crazy if you told us 5 years ago we would have toys all over our living room!  Flash forward 5 years and I have a slide, cozy coupe, and basketball goal in the middle of my living room.
Checking on the dogs and discussing very important issues to toddlers.  Issues like potty training, footed vs non footed PJ's and Elmo vs Mickey.

 Snacking on some yummy chocolate cookies.
 Cruising in the cozy coupe. 
 I have an odd feeling that this picture will be repeated with a real car when they are about 16.  Lord help us.
 Check out the proud papas in the background as well as what we are watching on TV.  We are officially "those parents."

John's turn to drive
So like I said, a best friend, cookies, juice, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a cozy coupe, and slide make for a pretty great life!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

Jackson crashed our Southern Belle Sunday photo shoot, but that's ok, because he loves her so much!
Every good Southern Belle knows that one must look thier best even in when wearing thier PJs!  And Mary Frances is no exception in her sassy night gown!
 She is sporting her sassy PJs while we watched the Giants play!

 Jackson was helping her out with her outfit.  He knows what looks good!
Our little priss and her big brother!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 Weeks Old

Mary Frances is 4 weeks old and is chubbing up!!  Milk is doing her body good!  Her little legs and cheeks seem to get fatter every hour!
She is the sweetest little girl and is loved so much!  She is staying awake and grunting more every day!  Most babies coo, but she grunts like her Uncle Buster use to.  It's actually how he got his name, Buster Bear!  We are sticking with Mary Frances for her though. 
She can follow an object with her eyes and hold her head up for a few seconds.  Other than that she mainly eats, poops, and sleeps, but she will be running wild like her little brother before we know it.  I don't want to rush her and I am trying to soak uo as many cuddle moments as I can!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fratty Friday

Jackson thinks he is too big to drink out of a cup with a top so we have resorted to this.
 It is a sippy cup inside a normal cup.  He takes it for now, but we will see how long that lasts.

He can drink out of a normal cup, but he doesn't know how to keep it up right.  I am thinking he will be 5 before he figures that out.  :)

 Look at all those teeth!  I love it when he laughs big enough that I can see all his teeth!  I love this little dude so much!!
Happy Friday Everyone!!