Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Free-For-All

Most of these are of the kids playing and just being kids!  And I apologize in advance for the photos being blurry, getting a 3 year old and a 20 month old to stop moving is next to impossible!
You may be asking yourself, why chef Franny was standing in front of my bathroom shower for this picture, but it's where I finally cornered her to take the picture.  Hey, I do what I can.
The littles and I had some Saturday morning cuddles going on while J-Man was still asleep.  He's my little teenager.
I have to admit, that dressing up to talk on the phone was one of my things when I was little.  I need to have my mom dig some of the pictures out.  I mean, everyone needs accessories on when they are chatting it up on the phone.

In 15 years I am going to post a picture of these two laying on the couch watching football just like this.

And this chick LOVES the 'baby's' rocker.  I mean, after all, she is still a baby.

Splash pad fun for Cobb's birthday!  Franny was a little unsure of it all and J-Man's older girlfriend, Morgan was there so he played it cool all night.  He was also giving the birthday boy the evil eye while he was sitting next to Morgan.  Lord help us all!
I must also add that Mary Frances about had all her hair ripped out by another little boy at the party for some unknown reason.  Bless her little heart, it caught her off guard and she didn't even retaliate.  But, we had a long talk about it and I think next time someone messes with her she will fight back.  I explained that I don't raise weenies and she has to defend herself.  Daycare just LOVES my parenting style :), but it's a tough world out there people.  Especially for little girls and I am NOT going to contribute to the woosification of America.

This little guy is the biggest cuddle bug.  Let me go ahead and get my dirty little secret out there, I hold him and let him be held WAY too much.  As the third child I know he will be my last baby and I also feel guilty that I can't spend more time with him since I have 2 others I am chasing.  Instead of going in his room and sitting in his rocker to feed him and put him down at 8:30 I sit on the couch to visit with Matt, since we spend so little time with each other, and hang out with them both.  I proceed to hold Rook until it's time for me to go to bed and he's fast asleep. Matt and I talk, watch my recording of The Five, and soak up all the time we can with this little guy while the other two are in bed.  Now, I know this will all change when Gaga and Sheshe are not in town because I won't have time to sit down, but I am cuddling him as long as I can.
Ok, let me explain this picture.  Mornings are a crap shoot at our house.  Some mornings Jackson is so happy and talkative and other mornings are like this.  I am not sure what causes the difference since I don't wake him up, he gets up on his own, but you never know what you're going to get.  On this particular morning he came in my bathroom to tee-tee and was in a mood.  And as you can tell by the picture was not concerned with correctly pulling up his pants after using the bathroom.  When I made him stop so I could take a picture to send to Matt, I asked him to say cheese, and you can see the result above.

I think they let Jackson roll around in a dirt pile at daycare everyday.  He comes home filthy, but I love it!  It's how little boys are supposed to be.  Isn't he a scary looking pirate?  Arg!!

I just threw this one in here to say how grateful I am for Gaga and Sheshe helping me the last several weeks!  Words cannot describe how amazing it has been.
This is the face of a dude with a full belly!
And last, but not least, Princess Franny!  I am not going to lie and let you in on my other dirty little secret.  I get on to her as needed, but it's harder to get on to her than it is to Jackson.  I guess because she is a girl?  I don't know, but she has all of us wrapped.  Now, don't misunderstand me to say that I don't spank her or put her in timeout, I do, but she is so much more pitiful.  Jackson is my clone when it comes to badness.  Spankings don't phase him and being defiant is one of his hobbies.  Oh the joys of motherhood and payback!
That wraps up this week's edition of Friday Free-For-All.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and will tune in next week to see what kind of trouble we have gotten into over at the Miller household.  I don't want to get your hopes up or set any false expectations, but it will be the day after SEC football starts and Ole Miss has played.  I can promise you however, that the tone of the blog with be directly affected by the outcome of the game.  Hotty Toddy!!