Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Free-For-All

Another week, another gaggle of pictures to share.  But included in this week's installment is a capture of Ole Miss' win over LSU (or when we trapped the tigers as Jackson calls it) and time with Matt and the kids!  Man what a week!  But we will start with Mary Frances.  She has discovered Jackson's golf cart.
So.....  She will be getting a Mercedes convertible for her 2nd birthday.  Our garage is going to look like the parking lot of a tiny country club.

Speaking of Mary Frances, she has started rocking her Ugg boots Sheshe got her.  And they are too cute for words.  I mean, have you ever seen a sweater dress and Ugg boots look any cuter?  I sure haven't.

Then there is the youngest player in the house.  Rook's newest girlfriend started school last week.  She is also Bailey's (Mary Frances' BFF) little sister, Brooke.  Brooke and Rook.  What a pair.  Although, she is an LSU fan.  We're going to see what we can do about that.  I think he's up to 4 girl friends by now and you can tell by that coy smile he is owning it.
Matt and I did a little shopping last week for Mary Frances some new tennis shoes and came across a lot of interesting apparel.  Above, is a 2T outfit for the low low price of $130!!!!  My outfits don't even cost that!!  I about fell out.  I will fall out when I see a 2 year old wearing this.  I am not saying it is wrong, but I am just saying this resident's wife won't be buying it unless it's 75% off.
On to the shoes.  I am seriously going back and buying the shoes above for Rook.  He will be a baller for sure.  I am not sure why we never bought Jackson any.
And then we found these jewels!  So classy and understated don't you think?
 Luckily we found Franny some non-Jordan non-LSU tennis shoes!  Bless her heart, she had outgrown her other ones pretty bad.  These are 2 sizes larger than her old ones.
During our outing, Matt and I also discovered 2 for 1 Dos Equis at our local Mexican eatery.  I think we found a new dinner option for Wednesdays.  When he is home of course.
I got this jewel 13 years ago from Big R when I graduated high school.  It means a lot because he put a lot of thought into it.  It's titanium and water proof and those were important features in a watch as I headed off to Ole Miss to be a trainer for the football team.  And after 13 years of wear and tear I had it sent off to be repaired and it's as good as new!! I am pretty excited to have it back.  Thanks Big R.

These are what I am going to begin to refer to as "Good Luck Charms."  Mrs. Nancy or Honey as she is referred to by the grands, gave the kids this fabulous Col Reb attire.  Rook has the burp cloth to match.  Honey's sister makes these so if you want her contact info let me know and I can't hook you up!  They wore these last weekend before our big win against LSU!  They will now be wearing them EVERY weekend we play.
It has taken Jackson longer than his friends, but he has officially hit the super hero phase.  He put his Super Man cape on every night and runs through the house saving the world.  Thanks for the cape Chas Michael!
 If it were not for the 1983 back ground of this picture you may think this was Jackson, but it's Matt as a baby.  But, as you can tell, Jackson is Matt's clone.
Brace yourself, we had these pictures taken by Leah Hendrix and they are AMAZING!  Check her out here!  I am so thankful that we know so many talented people.  This is only a small sample of the pictures she took and I held out our Christmas card pictures.  I can't ruin the surprise. And I also need to add that there are more picture of Franny since we did her 2 year old pictures at the same time.

Are they not just the best ever?  That wraps up our week; spending time together shopping, drinking, taking family pictures, and a win against LSU.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you it was the best week ever!!! Can we go back and do it all over again?

And I am also not exaggerating when I tell you that there were moments where I felt like life was too good and something might go wrong.  I get that feeling a lot though because I am so blessed I feel like it can't be like this forever.  And no matter what life throws at us I know God has a plan so I am going to enjoy all my blessings every day and reflect on them when things don't seem great.  Like when we left our offense in Austin and didn't have them to play Auburn.  I hope you know I am joking when I say that, well, kind of.  All of our problem are first world problems and I keep that in mind every day. Hotty Toddy!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Free-For-All

Since we have been on vacation this week I actually have time to write a blog post.  It's been a little crazy around our house to say the least.  I have not specifically said anything about it for security reasons, but Matt has been working nights.  And to clarify, when I say security reasons, it would be for the security of the idiot that decided to break in our home.  I pity the fool that ever tries and finds me with a 357.  I have always wanted to know what it feels like to shoot a scum bag multiple times.  But I digress.  Matt is off of night float and will never have to do it again!  I really wanted to have t-shirts made for all of us that say "We Survived Night Float!"  So let's jump in to our week and how we celebrated night float being done.
 This is just normal J-Man, eating Kix cereal with sunglasses on.  Doesn't everyone?
This was Sunday after church.  Matt worked 24 hours on Sundays so we were on our own for church and the rest of the day.  Towards the end I learned that lunch at Sonic was the way to go.  The kids stay strapped in and they ate.  Why did I not think of this sooner?  Then we would take Matt lunch when we were done.  And on the drive to the hospital the bigs would fall asleep and I accomplished yet another feat!!  This was Jackson and Mary Frances' overly dramatic face as they explained they might die of starvation while waiting on our food.  It was desperate for a few minutes, but luckily our food came and I saved them from an untimely death.
And this was Jackson's attempt to get the chicken nugget crumbs out of his shirt.  Then he passed out.
What the playroom would look like on Sundays.  When one parent is home alone with 3 kids for 24 hours this happens.
My little Rookie has been sleeping in his rocker because he has been so snotty.  Sleeping on his belly in his bed sounded miserable.  He sounded like he couldn't breathe, but when I put him in the rocker he slept like a charm.  This rocker was the best find ever!  Look how sweet and chubby he looks while sleeping.
Speaking of Sundays, here is the Bean and a serious Sunday nap!  She was worn slap out!  Don't you wish you could sleep that hard?

This was the day of fall weather where the kids could wear jeans and a jacket.
I am not exactly sure what Mary Frances was doing here, but she got some cars out and gave them to Rook to play with.  Such a sweet big sister.  As long as you forget the fact that she threw the cars at Rook.
The picture above is called parenting by Mickey Mouse.  While Matt has been on night float I have gotten into a terrible habit of letting the kids watch Mickey Mouse while they eat and I do housework and feed Rook.  Breaking that habit when life gets back to normal will be so much fun!
And this milk Junkie was 4 months old on October 7!  He is the most laid back happy baby I have ever seen!  He weighed 14 pounds at this appointment and impressed our pediatrician with his above average IQ.

Rook even started holding his own bottle!  He knew mama needed a little help.
And this stud is Uncle Buster!  He turned 27 on October 8!
More of the Rookie!  The bottom picture of Rook is his milk drunk face.  And he is drinking so much milk he is eating me out of house and home.  He is eating 7 ounces every 4 hours and takes a formula bottle at bedtime since he eats at 6:30 and goes to bed at 7:30 and wants 7 ounces both times!  I am hoping to cut the formula bottle out now that he can start eating foods.  I am a little behind on foods though.  I have only tried cereal once and he was not sure what to do with it once I put it in his mouth.  We'll keep working on it though.  Once he figures out he can have food rather than formula he'll be all over it.  He is not a big fan of the formula bottle and makes a funny face when he realizes what it is.

In celebration of night float coming to an end Matt and I left the kids at home and headed to Oxford for some adult time!  On Matt's last night I sent him this picture before he went into work.  It's a picture of us at the Tennessee game in 2009.  I remember it vividly because I was nausea the entire time, but could not tell anyone I was pregnant yet.  That's the last game we attended without children in toe.

The kids and I decorated the house with streamers to celebrate Matt coming home the next morning.  I even bought balloons I planned to use, but forgot and Matt didn't get home until after we left for work and school so his homecoming was a little less dramatic then I had hoped for.  Oh well, I tried and night float is over and that's all that matters.
Headed to dinner at Taylor!
Early Saturday in The Grover!  If only we could have pulled it out against A&M and Johnny Manziel
This was a Texas A&M tent.  All I can say is "Well done A&M, well done."  It appeared to be about a 40 x 40 frame tent with TVs, linens, fully catered, and decorated by a florist.  They had a sign at the entrance of the tent that said "Sorry we are late to the party, but we got here as fast as we could."  Dan Jones even called A&M's president to congratulate them, but told them it would never happen again.  We want you to come tailgate, but you can't take over.  
 This is a horrible picture of us, but it rained that day and my hair was a hot mess!  And can I just say, it's so hard being a Rebel sometimes.  BUT, I'd rather be a Rebel than a corndog from LSU!  :)

And my Bean sporting her new cheerleader uniform.  She was so excited!  I really think I am going to sign her up for gymnastics in January since she will be so short when she grows up, she will be my Ole Miss cheerleader.
Jackson was so proud of his pumpkin shirt and the fact that he was sitting on his chair incorrectly.
And that afternoon after school he was so worn out he just couldn't muster the energy to hold Rook's bottle!  He started out helping, but quickly stopped and whined about it.  He said he was too tired to feed Rook.  So when we got home I told him I was too tired to feed him.  As you can imagine that didn't go over too well.

That's a wrap on this week!  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and we beat LSU.  Go to hell LSU!!!