Friday, March 7, 2014


Rook is 9 months old today!  Only 3 more months and I will have a 1 year old!  Or course I have mixed emotions with that fact.  Enjoy Miller Mayhem from this week!
 I have posted a picture or two of Jackson at the rodeo and the picture above is the bi-product of the rodeo.  Jackson routinely ropes his horse.  He lays him on his side, ropes him, and then proudly exclaims he's roped his horse!  I am trying to teach him he has to throw his hands in the air when he is done so the judges know to stop timing him.  We may live in a neighborhood, but that's not stopping this cowboy!
This next picture is just funny.  Matt and I went to a couples shower and it made me nostalgic about our wedding.  I took the picture from the shower and compared it to our wedding picture just to be funny.  4 years of medical school, 3 kids, and 2 years of residency hasn't aged us that much has it??? Matt does finally look older than 12 which is good.
These crazy kids found the face paint from Halloween and it was a rainy day, so this happened.
 The next day and the 3 days after this poor dude had a stomach virus.  He was beyond pitiful.  Thanks goodness Gaga came in to help AND no one else got it!
And when Gaga comes to town, she breaks out the footed PJs.  She thinks it's too cold in our house.  God love grandmothers.
And while J-Man stayed home the littles still went to school.  I wanted their exposure to Jackson to be minimal.  I heard Franny singing in the back and turned around to see her holding Rook's hand.  She did this all the way to school.  It just warms my heart.  She can be sweet when she wants to be.
When Jackson finally made it back to school he wasn't used to the early mornings and this happened.  Passed out on the way to school.
Thank goodness he was better because mama and daddy had a night out planned.  So, what do you do when you and your friends plan on having a night out together in a limo, but then realize your husbands are all residents and a limo doesn't fit the budget?  You rent a 15 passenger van and make an intern drive it! It was a genesis idea!  We had a blast!  8 over worked residents, 8 over worked wives/mothers, a 15 passenger van, and babysitters for the 16 kids between us equaled a really good time!
So much fun that we are planning another night out in the near future.  Oh, and it even received a them, Resi Gras.  I am thinking this will become an annual event.
 Now, back to the stars of the show.  This is what dinner time looks like at our house.  A 'Who's belly is bigger contest.'

Trying on some new spring clothes.  Every girl needs a pair of white skinny jeans!
A little horse riding!  Every time Mary Frances puts on any hat she says "Yee Haw!"  It's hysterical.
Rook...... He is my child for sure.  Accident prone and I am not sure about his coordination.  When I picked him up from school on Wednesday he had smashed his right thumb in a bouncer.  He has now become left handed because his thumb hurts and he has even lost his finer nail.  I am really glad the bigs had AWANAs because he was super fussy and needed my full attention.
After some food and Advil he was back to my happy go lucky guy.  But bless his heart, it's so pitiful.
Thursday - PJ Day at school.  It's official, Jackson likes PJ Day at school more than any other day of the year.  They have themed days all throughout the week in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  He was counting down the days until he could wear his PJs to school.
I had to come back and add this.  This was this morning.  It was "What I want to be when I grow up day."  So naturally I dressed them all in scrubs.  Jackson probably would have preferred a race suit, but we don't have one so I talked up the scrubs.  He got into it and was all about it because it was "just like daddy." That was the first thing he told everyone when he got to school, "I want to be a doctor just like my daddy."  It was so sweet.  But I am hoping he changes his mind and majors in international business.  I am kind of joking, but not really.
How sweet are these pictures?  I think they turned out pretty well considering taking a picture with all 3 of them is like herding cats.

 And then the fight ensued.  They were fighting over the spot.  Mary Frances was laying claim to the right side and wanted Jackson to go back on the other side.  Oh the things they fight over.  Not to worry, Jackson got her back.  I gave Jackson he and Franny's treats for going to bed like a big kids and he ate them both and did not give her portion to her.  Oh the joys!

That's all folks!  That sums up our week!  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  I know we will.  Matt is off and we are going to soak up every minute we can with him!