Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So I have been a slacker when it comes to posting. As many of you now know that is because I have been the victim of morning sickness due to a baby currently the size of a lima bean. And if you didn't know, surprise, Matt and I are having a baby in June!! We told our families on Thanksgiving Day and needless to say they are super excited. Especially Buster, which I was shocked by.

Now for all the pics. This picture is a moment frozen in time of Buster and all his fun loving friends. It was right before we spanked LSU and it was their last home game as students. What a way to go out.

This is Kevin and Kayla's wedding, which was just beautiful. Sorry I didn't cut a rug and entertain anyone with my white girl moves, but again, I was sick. By the way, we have a wedding to go to on January 2 and I will be 14 weeks by that point, for all the moms out there will I still be able to fit into the dress I'm wearing here? Be honest. It's my staple black dress.

This picture is all too familiar. These 4 were always together and took all of their pictures like this! It was good to see everyone.

Kevin deserves to be taller than me on his wedding day......

but, he's not.

Yet another pic just like all the others we have.

And another.

And another.

Destry paused just long enough from flirting with the ladies to take this picture with Matt.

It was really good to hang out with Chase and Teri.

Russell and Joey, what more can you say. Joey was a famous guest since just a week earlier he caught a 77 pound catfish. He was on the front of the paper and everything and in Russell's words "that fish was bigger than Kevin."

No, we did not mean to coordinate Matt's bow tie with my dress. It just happened.
That wraps up our November except for the TN game where all of my friends from college got together in Oxford. I forgot my camera that weekend, but you can see all the pics on the Lupher's blog!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Elle's TV Debut

Lee and Lisha had a story done about them and Lee's brother's son Witt on Houston's News Channel 2. Little Elle looked SO cute, as usual! I am so proud of y'all!! Go here to see it!

And I get to see them in person this afternoon when I pick them up from the airport! I can't wait!! Love you guys.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why I Will Think Long and Hard Before I Hired a Recent Ole Miss Grad

Yes, you read that title correctly. I may not have agreed with how Dr. Dan Jones handled the fight song debacle, but he was right and the students should have listened. Thanks for them we will no longer be hearing "To Dixie with Love" at any football games. So here is what I have to say to that:

Way to go Ole Miss Students! Could you not keep your mouth shut? Not to mention it was a stupid chant!! We will no longer be hearing “To Dixie with Love” and we have your drunken antics to thank. So thank you students, good luck finding a job when you graduate!

And to Buster and his friends if I hear you said it during this last football game you can forget coming to our tent! Period. No idiots allowed!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Catch-up

October was a busy month so I will play a little catch-up. October 8 was Little B-Bear's 23 birthday (how old does that make everyone feel?) and the much anticipated Alabama weekend. The Friday night before the game was fun and even Saturday before the game since so many people were in town. Too bad the Ole Miss Rebels didn't play up to their potential. This was Buster's house Friday night. I am not sure why, but all of his friends hang out over at his nasty house even though it should be condemned. Maybe it's because they can walk to the square from his house? Either way it is nasty.

Flash forward to the Arkansas game! We went out to City Grocery BEFORE we ate dinner. Maybe it was good luck because the Rebels won the next day!

You can't have too many grove pictures.

And this is what happens when Arkansas comes to town........... She maybe sitting in an Ole Miss chair, but she was NOT an Ole Miss fan

We had a baby shower for a couple in our small group, Jonathan and Andrea. They are having a little girl in December. We decided to do a couples shower at 11:00 and since they scheduled the Ole Miss Auburn game at 11:30 the TV was on the entire time! Yet again the rebels were head cases and couldn't make it happen.

How cute is this cake?

Finally Halloween night! Matt and I went to Jimbo and Birtney's for their annual bash. Halloween is Britney's favorite holiday! We went as a plug and socket. We were the most creative costume even if I do say so myself. Matt made it out of card board boxes (did you think he would buy a costume?). We thought it was cute and did not realize the more adult flavor it could have.
Jimbo and Brtiney dressed up like a sleezy coach and cheerleader he knocked up! The irony is she is knocked up, but in a good way.