Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Free-For-All 2 Weeks in 1

These kids got married in Memphis and Buster was in the wedding!  Congrats to Kevin and Rainey.  Thank you for being gown ups in Buster's life!

 And look at all these good looking people!

 We are dorks, I know.  But at least we are dorks together.

On the way home Santa met us at Toys-R-Us and bought all of the kids' Christmas gifts!  I am Santa is done shopping for the kids!

And while Matt and I were dancing the night away in Memphis the kiddos stayed with Sheshe!  She is so good about sending us pics of the kids since we miss them so bad.

And of course Mama and Daddy couldn't come home without loot from our travels.  Duck paraphernalia from Mama and Gaga from The Peabody.

Then it was time for PJs!  And since we were 3 days into November I decided it was time to break out the Christmas PJs!

Diva Franny was not too excited to share the spotlight.  Lord help me!  More on her divaness below.
Both of the pictures are great examples of how big Jackson is looking in pictures these days.  I don't like it one bit.
More duck paraphernalia love.

And this would be Matt's dinner.  I put it in the oven to keep it warm and when he got home at 11:00 p.m. he was obviously too tired to eat it.  So the next morning I forgot it was in there and 2 days later I finally remembered to take it out.  Yum!
Princess Franny and her chap stick that she thinks is lipstick before bed.  And please ignore my unmade bed in the background.  Soon after Franny was born and Matt was in full MIA mode with med school I decided that I would not do anything in the mornings that I would have to undo at night, like making the bed or opening curtains for example.  And now with 3 kids that rule is even more so in play.  If I thought I could get away with wearing no make-up out of the house in order to avoid washing my face at night I would do it!  But corporate America kind of expects you to get it together.
And again More duck paraphernalia love.
My friend Jenna who is also the director at the kids' daycare sends me pictures of the kids at school periodically like these two jewels right  here.  Look at my studs!

And this stud turned 5 months on the 7th.  2 days old and 5 months old, what a difference!
This is a typical week night.  Eating dinner while being entertained by Mickey Mouse.  Don't judge, it's called doing what you have to in order to get by.  It's not like I let them watch HBO while they eat dinner.
Then it's on to bath time!  Even though I put 3 dirty kids in one bathtub at the same time, I am sure they get clean.  Right?
These jewels also came in this week. They are our Christmas card stamps.  I finally ordered them this year!  The post office has always been out when I went to buy them in previous years  The only problem now is parting with them for Christmas cards.  I could look at Ronald all day.  He is still my first love.  Sorry Matt.
This chub-a-lub was a great shopping partner at Mistletoe!  He loves the Baby Bjorn.  He is up where he can see everything and the bigs can't get to him!
But seeing Santa at Mistletoe (see post below) wore these two out.  But not Gran Dan, he was a trooper.
And on my second trip to Mistletoe in one day I got this picture from Matt and Rook wanting to know when dinner was.  Basically "We're hungry, stop shopping, and come home!"
This section is all about The Diva.  AKA Mary Frances.  I am not sure if her new divaness is due to the fact that Jackson had gone to Sheshe's for a few days or if we are hitting the terrible twos.  Either way, she has been a pill.
Refusing to smile, pitching a fit for no reason, and just pouting in general.

And so we rewarded bad behavior with a new BMW X5.  Yea, I know that was a terrible idea, but it was her early birthday gift.  Jackson wasn't home and Matt got  home early and it was the perfect time to let her enjoy her birthday gift.  When your birthday is 1 week from Christmas it's more fun to get stuff early.

See what I mean about the pouting?

 This little guy is on the move!  All the way from the play mat to the closet.  He never fussed once.  Just kept scooting and rolling until he could move no more.  He loved it!  He was on the move and the bigs were still asleep and couldn't trample him!  Good times!
Well, that about wraps up our last two weeks.  Lots of Christmas shopping, divaness, and 3 kids on the move.  Worn out does not even come close to describing how I feel at the end of the day.  But, snuggling these 3 make it all worth while!  I hope everyone has a good weekend!  We should have a good weekend since the Rebel play Troy this weekend.  Fingers crossed!  Hotty Toddy.  See y'all next week!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


4 years of having our picture made with Santa with plenty more to come!  I am hoping that I can stop photo bombing the pictures soon.  Merry Christmas!!
Christmas 2010
Jackson 5 months old
 Christmas 2011
Jackson 17 months old

Christmas 2012
Jackson 2.5 years old
Mary Frances 11 months old
Christmas 2013
Jackson 3 years old
Mary Frances 23 months old
Rook 5 months old