Monday, July 27, 2009

The Beach

From the moment we touched down in the United States on the way back from the Ukraine Matt said "I'm ready to go to the beach!" And that we did! We had a wonderful time, but it went by too fast. We found a cottage in Seagrove that allowed pets and had a private pool! It was SO great, definitely our new favorite beach spot. The pups even went for a swim, and I wish I had pictures of it, but of course I don't. I have got to get better with having the camera handy. We also rented bikes and rode them all morning. We even rode them to get groceries!

These were little Air Stream campers that were just off the sidewalk in Seaside! I took the pictures for my dad since he has one that looks like the first picture. Daddy - I think you should make yours into a mobile breakfast restaurant in Oxford since we can't ever find any where to eat on Sundays after football games.

The water was SO clear the first 2 days! It was the clearest I have ever seen it. It looked like the Dominican Republic! We rented a kayak on the second day because it was so clear!

*Note - Please no pale jokes! I am pigmently challenged

Matt and Elle hanging out by the pool doing a little light reading. The pups loved being out by the pool. They did not like it when we put them in the pool, but we tried it a couple of times any way.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Born in the U.S.A

Matt and I spent July 4th in Houston Texas with Lee, Lisha, and Baby Elle. It was the first time we met Baby Elle in person and she is SO adorable! Even more so than in pictures! We held her, fed her, changed a diaper, and even bathed her! She liked mine and Matt's bath techniques! I also taught her how to stick her tongue out! Just wait until she gets older, I have even more bad habits to share! Lisha and I also took her shopping and she loved it!! Obviously that is no surprise considering she is Lisha's offspring!