Friday, August 31, 2012

Fratty Friday

Thank goodness it's a long weekend!  Because Jackson is worn out from all of the RNC festivities this week.  Staying up late to see the key note speaker every night has worn him out.  But you don't get nominated to be president of the college republicans by being uninformed.  And not to mention having to flip between the football game and the RNC last night was exhausting!
 Jackson has a 5 point plan of his own.  It includes Blanket, Dougie, milk, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a vitamin.  He asks for those 5 thing CONSTANTLY!  As you can see he has 3 of the 5 with him in these pictures.  We started giving him Flintstones vitamin gummies soon after he turned 2 and he LOVES them.  I think he would eat the whole bottle in one night if we let him. And you already know about his other 4 staples.
 We'll ween him off Blanket and Dougie eventually, but it's the milk I'm worried about.  Especially now that we are potty training.  It takes Jackson a mere 4 days to go through a gallon of milk.  And keep in mind he's at daycare all day.  He drank so much last night that he woke up at 2:00 wet from head to toe.  We had to change him and his sheets.  Then as soon as I got him in dry clothes he started asking for milk.  I had to get the spank spoon out and threaten him before he finally stopped screaming "MILK!"

Let's just hope that he does not drink this much in college :).  We are all super excited about the long weekend especially since Matt is off AND FOOTBALL HAS STARTED!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and some college football!  Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are You Ready?

HELL YEA!  DAMN RIGHT!!! Hotty Toddy gosh all mighty who the hell are we?  Hey, flim flam, bim, bam Ole Miss by damn!!

 I know these are not great, but they are the best I could do with 2 kids during the middle of a hurricane.  Ok, ok, a tropical storm, but still.

I have chills in anticipation for football, I look at my count down timer daily, and I have replayed the theme to College Game Day over and over in my head ("We're coming to your cita")!!  I am cautiously optimistic about our Rebels this year, but most of all I am just ready for football in general.  Pre-season NFL only makes me angry and since we don't have a kids playing high school football yet it just make me want the real thing more.  Waking up to Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler, and thousands of screaming fans, getting together with friends to watch football, eating lots of tail-gating food, and the smell of fall in the air.  It warms my heart.  It's football season in the south y'all!  It's not better than the meaning of Christmas, but it does rival Christmas time.

Life in the south revolves around football and our children's priorities are no different.  Since Jackson was 3 months old he has been exposed to football and Mary Frances was born during Bowl season.  They have been and will continue to be immersed in it!  Back when Ole Miss regularly made bowl games tickets and hotel rooms were our Christmas gifts!

And so tonight officially kicks off football season with South Carolina and Vandy squaring off and I can hardly wait!  The menu is planned, my outfit (as well as the kids' outfits) have been selected, and we are ready for the kick off of the 2012 season!!

Actually, there is one thing I do not like about football season, (most) State fans.  Most of them are SO annoying!  I do have to admit that I work with a few that know their place in the world and don't view the Egg Bowl as some sort of National Championship.  I am so ready for our rivalry to be non-competitive again.  They just get on my last nerve.  At least LSU and Alabama have had major success.  I would be that annoying if my team had 14 national championships.  But all State fans have to talk about is the Egg Bowl.  Get a grip and find some bigger fish to fry!  And in their defense, we just need to start frying fish!  Ahh!  Just saying.

 I snapped a few more of Mary Frances while Jackson was letting Aunt Anna in.  She is staying with them today since schools are closed.  Thanks goodness for Aunt Anna!!

And I need to apologize in advance to Mitt.  I will be recording your speech and watching it later because football starts tonight!!  I'm sure you understand since you're a Rebel fan!!

Hotty Toddy Y'all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping It Real Wednesday

I can't remember what he was watching, but it must have been interesting!  He was tuned in!!  :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I always see these other mom bloggers take the cutest self portraits, but I just can't make it work.  I thought I would let you see just how bad at it I am.

 Franny Bean and I gave it a shot the other day and we didn't do so hot!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

Franny in the Country -
Please note the overalls and no shirt my child is wearing.  It goes without saying that her Gaga dressed her.  Because I didn't send that outfit option.  But Mary Frances has managed to make denim overalls adorable!
I guess they are appropriate for riding the 4-wheeler with Big R!  I am ready to have her back home!  I dropped both of the kids off on Friday night and they won't be back until Tuesday.  If anyone would like to come over, please do, the house is clean and I am rested!

Happy Sunday y'all!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fratty Friday

Just eating a little breakfast at the KA house.  These 8:00 classes are killing him.
 They have implemented a new carpool line at daycare and Jackson is not to fond of it.  He has pitched a fit every day this week when the teachers have taken him inside instead of me.  The first day I went down to check on him and he was fine!  I knew he would be, I just had to sneak down there to confirm it.  It's like the story Big R always tells about dropping me off at daycare and I cried and held my hands out for him.  It still makes him sad to think about and Jackson's little face with his arm stretched out will still make me sad when I am 57 too.
 But even after being SO sad this is the face I came to his room and found.  Eating his pop-tart and drinking milk out of a big boy cup!!  I wanted to get pictures of his friends, but wasn't sure how the other parents would feel about their kids being on the blog.  You never know these days.

They have also moved into new rooms at his daycare.  Much nicer and updated.  We really like the kids' daycare, but it needed some updating!  As you can tell they still need to paint the walls in his room.

When I pick the kids up this afternoon it's off to Big R and Gaga's!!  They are going to Caledonia so Mama and Daddy can finally go out and celebrate Daddy's birthday a month late!  Happy Friday everyone!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

 Franny Bean and I have had some really good photo shoots lately.  She is so full of personality and all over the place it makes it fun.

 Like this picture after she face planted into our unmade bed.  If you'll look back at the previous Sunday's post you will notice that the bed was made.  What's the difference you ask?  Matt was home last Sunday, but not this one.
 Only the bare necessities get done when Daddy is not home.  I could do more, but then I would drive my self to the end of exhaustion.  I have learned to let some things go and Matt finds that funny.
 I hope it remains comical to him.  I do at least try to have the tornado after effects of school stuff, dinner, and baths cleaned up when he walks in the door.  I consider it a win if the kids are clean, fed, and happy when he gets home.  The rest is just gravy.
 I'm just buying my time.  I have big plans for when he is done in 6 years.  Mama gets a full time maid!!  Once that cooks, cleans, and does laundry.  That way I can just hang out with the kiddos after work and do homework!  Grand plans I tell you, grand plans.  Almost as grand as my Grove plans after he is done.  I will let you in on those closer to football season.
 But I digress.  You tuned in to see the most precious little girl on the planet.  And with that said you probably don't even read my rants, just look at the pictures.  I mean after all, that is what I do on other people's blogs!

 This is my absolute favorite one!  How adorable and symmetrical is she?  Matt gets all medical on us all the time and talks about how symmetrical she is.  And he is right, he says that is how beauty is measured.  I guess, all I know is we can make some dang cute kids!

 She is so spunky, but laid back all at the same time!  I could just squeeze her all day!
 She is not 8 months old and has her 2 bottom teeth.  Her 2 top teeth are coming in and have caused her to wake-up around 4:00 a.m. this last week.  Mama is worn out.  Hopefully her teeth will come on in and I can get some sleep!

Happy Sunday y'all!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fratty Friday!

He has moved back to Oxford and is trying to get back in the swing of things.  But is really questioning his decision to schedule an 8:00 class.

 But a little banana from the KA house should get him going!!
 Maybe next semester he will take my advice and avoid 8:00 classes!  You have the rest of your life to show up at 8:00!
 And on the topic of arriving to work/school at 8:00, for the past 2 mornings Mary Frances has woken up at 4:00 and 4:30 (her top 2 teeth are coming in).  But after I get her back to sleep I can't go back to sleep.  So I get up with Matt around 5:00.  And oddly enough I have not been too tired.  This is a REALLY strange phenomenon for me!  I LOVE my sleep!  It's definitely an answered prayer for more energy!  Unloading the dishwasher or folding a load of clothes before you leave the house by 7:00 a.m. really is a good feeling.  Ok, I know I am weird, but it makes me happy!  :)
 So back to the reason you came to the blog, Jackson!  He is getting so big and we have just started potty training.  It's going ok, not great, but ok.  He does AWESOME at school, but at home he doesn't want to stop to go to the bathroom or wear pull-ups.  The stopping part I get, but not wanting to wear pull-ups?
 He fusses and says, 'No pull-up.'  Hopefully he'll get over it soon. But Matt and I need to get in potty training mode too.  It's hard for us to remember to stop and remind him.  We'll get there though, he's a smart little guy and we'll have this thing mastered in no time!
 Oh, I almost forgot.  So, Jackson has not gotten in trouble for hitting anyone at school lately, but one of his teachers did inform me earlier this week that she saw him kissing a girl on the playground!!!  An older girl that he doesn't know the name of!!  Yea.  What am I going to do?  He's 2 and was hugging and kissing on some girl on the playground.  They might as well be at The Library in Oxford.  [If you are not familiar with Oxford and you read this blog, The Library is a bar]
 Advice and prayers welcome here.  Although, I am hoping your advice is 'he's a little boy, he's fine!  Sigh, so there you have it.  He's back in Oxford hating his 8:00 because he stayed out too late kissing some girl at The Library.  What a life!  Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend!

Doesn't this look like a guilty face?  Enough said!