Friday, September 30, 2011

Fratty Friday

Finally Friday free again!  This has been the longest week ever!  I could not be more excited that it is Friday. 

Our little Frat Star got his 3rd hair cut yesterday! The ladies and other moms at day care seem to think that is a lot for a kid his age. I just hope this means he gets his father's pretty thick hair!  I hated to cut his fratty flip, but it had grown more into a redneck mullet :)

Check this face out.  He sees something exciting....

And he got it!!
It's a Bob the Builder balloon his She-She got him, because you know he can't go into a store (even the grocery store) and not get something.  That would just be mean!
I finally got his attention when I grabbed a ball and taunted him with it.
Here he comes....  He wants the ball...
Give it here mama!

Jackson has big plans for the weekend.  Hanging with Da-Da, Big R and Munchkin, a little Game Day, and football all day ending with a party at his house that night.  We are having a baby shower for Ben and Shannon Bevill at our house and the other hosts have little boys that are 14 and 13 months old.  They are J-Man's peeps!  Ben and Shannon are having a little girl so she will have her pick of men when she grows up.  It should be a blast and I will post pics later!  I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Fall Y'all

According to the calendar it is fall so I am jumping in with both feet!  Pumpkins on the porch and skeleton PJ's for the J-Man!  And what a difference a year makes....

Is this the same kid?  I couldn't get him to sit up last year and now I can't get him to still!  These pictures make me so glad we are having another baby because I don't have a baby any more.  I have a little dude with his own personality!
He's just doing a little light reading.  He LOVES to read and I am so glad because it is the only thing he will sit still for.  Well, that and an ear rubbing.
And yes, that is spiked hair after a bath you see.
This picture Matt's mother and grandmothers will probably find the most frightening because the face he is making here is Matt Miller made over!  She-She if you have any pictures that look like this feel free to scan and send for a blog post!
And this is my favorite new picture.  He looks so sweet and happy!  We had a little photo shoot on the porch last night after a bath.  We have moved to an every night bath schedule.  He just gets so dirty at day care, I have to clean him up every night.
And after the sweet happy picture here is a more accurate picture of my 21 pound manic!  I am not sure what he was doing here, but I am never really sure what he is doing.  At his 15 month check-up our doctor said he was impressed with the fact that he spoke in complete sentences and used hand gestures, but we have no idea what he is saying!  HA HA!  I do understand ball and dog which makes up 95% of what he says every day.  Pumpkins are balls and he wants to throw them.  Doesn't matter if they are big or small he tries to pick them up and throw them.  It is really funny and I am excited to see what Mary Frances will do at this age.  Jackson has developed such a little boy personality (just like I prayed for) and I hope Mary Frances will be a little priss, but not a diva.  Diva behavior will result in a spanking.

So Happy Fall Y'all!  I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Honeymooning in Chattanooga

So Matt and I were childless in Chattanooga this last weekend (well, minus Mary Frances, but she is pretty low maintenance at this point).  Chattanooga is one of the 40 (yes 40) places Matt has applied for residency so we were checking it out.  We started the day off watching the Rebels, but by halftime I couldn't watch anymore.  This is becoming a trend...
So off to Rock City we went.  I had not been since I was a child and it was a beautiful day outside so there was no need to waste it on the Rebels!  Not to mention, this pregnant lady needs some exercise that does not consist of chasing a 15 month old.
This was "Fat Man's Squeeze" and this fat lady fit through it!!  :)  I might not in a month though...  We had a great time checking out the city and it just being the two of us for a change.  We even drove around and looked at neighborhoods too.  Ideally I would like a house with a pool house so our parents could take turns living there, but that may be out of our price range....  Chattanooga is a great city and hopefully lots of people would come visit us if we moved there.  It is only 2 hours from Birmingham and 2 hours from Nashville.
I KNOW it would be hard being more than 2 and a half hours from our family, but it is only for 5 years and if that is where God wants us we will gladly go.  I just try not to think about being that far away from everyone.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fratty Friday

My little J-Man has been under the weather the past couple of days.  His nose and eyes have been running like crazy and he has a cough.  I think it is allergies and Dr. Da-Da told me what to give him.  The good news is he is on the mend and we are thankful Da-Da knows what he is talking about, even if he says he doesn't.  When I ask him a medicine question he'll say, "I don't know, I'm just doing bones."  Funny!
Jackson was distracted by my phone ringing this morning.  It completely threw off his concentration during his photo shoot.  This is where he was asking me "Mom, are you not going to answer it?"  I couldn't get him to forget about the phone until I remembered his new favorite distraction.
The itsy bitsy spider!!  He LOVES doing it and thinks it is so funny!
His other new favorite is the fist pump and blowing it up.  He'll hit your hand and make the blow it up sound!  It is hysterical.  Something else Da-Da taught him.

Happy Fall Friday everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and That

The day started out so beautiful and promising, but little did we know what we would face as the day continued.  (5 INTs and an embarrassing butt kicking by Vandy, but more on that in a minute)
It was the J-Man's first time to see Ole Miss play and oh boy did we pick a doozy.  He went to The Grove last year, but we did not take him in the stadium.  He was such a little trooper and did great though!  As soon as we got to our seats he pointed to the field and said "ball."  His new favorite word!  He played through the first half great, unlike our Rebels, but by the second half he was antsy and Mama was frustrated with the Rebels.  We went under the stadium to cool off and hang out with Uncle Buster and his friends.  After establishing the fact that our Rebels look unorganized and like they had never played a down of football, Jackson fell asleep while Munchkin held him.  After getting my fired up husband out of the stands in the 4th quarter it was on to party and hang out with friends.  No sense in letting a football game ruin our weekend.  Despite the embarrassing fashion in which we lost we had a great time this last weekend hanging out with friends and family.  Besides, those are the important things in life, well that and making it my life's mission to see Pete Boone and Dan Jones fired.  But that is another post for another day.
On to another topic - Mohawks!
Aunt Anna styled the J-Man's hair in a mohawk after his bath last night and I LOVED it!!  Check it out!  I think he kind of liked it too.  It even dried like that and I was hoping it would still be there this morning, but it wasn't.  Oh well.  Happy Tuesday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Melt Your Heart Friday

If you would allow me to stray from my usual Fratty themed post just for today, I would appreciate it.  Jackson is definatley fratty in his picutres below, but he is ALWAYS a Frat Star.  However, the main focus this morning is how sweet he is with his Great Grandparents Gran and Paw.
We came to Columbus yesterday to meet my parents to go to Nashville for the Ole Miss Vandy game.  So last night while we were watching LSU beat State the J-Man spent some quality time with his Gran and Paw.  I hope they will hold the same special place in Jackson's heart that they do in mine.  My Dad's parents died when I was young so Gran and Paw are all I have had most of my life.  Not to mention I am the oldest grandchild, so they have loved me the longest :)!

I would like to point out to Uncle Buster and my other 4 cousins the picutre below.  Do you see what he is doing?  He is EATING IN THE DEN!!!!  WHAT??  We couldn't eat in the den!!  Even as a grown women with a child and one on the way I sat my drink down in the kitchen last night and didn't bring it in the den.  Well, until I saw Jackson getting to eat in the den.  Apparently there are new rules for the new kid.  So next time any of y'all are over there please feel free to eat, snack, munch, and drink while sitting in Gran and Paw's den.

Jackson has blazed a new trail for us!  And look at this picture, Gran is even involved in the eating in the den!
All joking aside, these picutres really do melt my heart and I could not be happier or feel more blessed that Jackson knows 3 sets of Great Grandparents.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mud Kickers

As you saw, we bought the J-Man some mud kickers this last weekend.  Well, he LOVES them!
He wanted to put them on and not take them off yesterday.

He is so funny

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Video Tuesday

Jackson has been spoiled rotten by his grandmothers over the past few days as evident by the two videos below!  Enjoy!

Falling Asleep in the Highchair

It is a hard life being Jackson Miller!  He palyed hard all day with his Munchkin and was worn slap out!

Rocking Horse

More fun with the grandmaws!  On Monday She-She cam to see us!  I think he has warmed up to the rocking horse.  What do you think?

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Weekend

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHE-SHE!!  We can't wait to see you today!

We had a laid back weekend with naps and football!!  Man I love football season!
Just eating a little grilled cheese after a nap and watching some football!!  Man, life is good!
We did have to pause from our football watching to run a VERY important errand, buying boots!  I think he likes them!!  And on a side note, those are not jean shorts even though Matt says they look like they are in the picture.  :)

Then after a busy weekend full of football and hanging out with Munchkin, Jackson was so worn out he could not even eat snack.  He fell asleep while watching the Giants, which is for the best since they lost.  I have the video of him fading off that I will post tomorrow.  SO FUNNY!
Happy Monday!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fratty Friday

The book Jackson has in his lap has babies on it, so he was doing the sign for baby.  If you ask him what Mommy is having he will sign 'baby girl.'  He's a genius, I know.  :)
As it begins to cool off, we were forced to find Jackson pants to wear.  Which is a difficult task since he is tall, but narrow in the waste.  What pants fit him best?  Carharts!!!  And I could not be more thrilled!  They are reasonably priced, rugged, and most importantly FRATTY!!  I know he needs mud kickers to complete this outfit, but he does not have any that fit.  Not to worry though, we are going to get some tomorrow!
He was trying to explain to me what our offense needs to do tomorrow to win.  Basically he said, they just needed to show up.
Then he began describing the Faux Quesadillas he was going to eat when he got to Munchkin and Big R's tent.
He is still focused on those Quesadillas......
And finally for the back shot - untucked polo with the collar popped and Carharts.  If he were any frattier I would have to take him straight to Oxford and drop him off at the KA house.

Happy Friday and GO REBELS!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last of the Beach Pics

Obviously I am bad at taking pictures since I did not get any of Jackson on the beach or of the wedding we went to.  In my defense I didn't even touch the sand while we were there, I was sick the one day we could go on the beach.  The other 2 days were filled with shopping as Tropical Storm Lee pounded the shore.
But I did snap these two after dinner in the shopping area.  Jackson found this chair outside a store and kept running to it and getting in it.  It is a miracle we made it out of there without purchasing it!  I think it is the only thing we did not BUY in Destin!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What can be better than your favorite food?  Your favorite food dipped in chocolate!!  Jackson LOVES bananas (he calls them bo-bos), so when I saw a man eating a chocolate dipped one from a candy shop at the outlet mall I knew we had to get the J-Man one.
He of course loved it!!
I mean, how could you not? 
And afterward, him and Gran-Dan had very little chocotale on thier white shirts :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fratty Friday

Between being at the beach and college football starting, we all are about to explode with excitiment!!  What more could you ask for?  Being able to open your bedroom door and hear the waves and turn on your TV and hear College Game Day, now that migth just be what heaven is like.
This little Frat Star doesn't know how rotten he is!  But how many frat starts do?
We are gearing up for the Ole Miss game tomorrow night.
He is even working on his "touch down Rebels!!"  We also need to work on "First Down....  OLE MISS."
What a view as I sip coffee from the balcony!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope your Friday and weekend is just as AWESOME as ours.  And GO REBELS!!!