Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not Just Fratty on Fridays

The J-Man is Fratty EVERY day!
And check out that attitude!  This kid has so much personality it is scary!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fratty Friday

Happy Birthday Paw!!  We called and wished him a Happy Birthday first thing!  Jackson says Paw-Paw!  Close enough, I am sure Paw will take it! 

My Frat Star was not wanting to sit still for his photo shoot this morning.  Imagine that!  He is always on the move.  We call him our little maniac.
He picked up his Ole Miss hat the other day and likes wearing it around the house.  I meant to put it on him this morning, but forgot until the end of the photo shoot.
This shirt is about too small as you can tell, but we all know college boys don't care too much about their clothes.  The messier the better.  Meanwhile the girls are in their rooms spending hours getting ready and wearing $300 dresses.  Life is not fair.
Jackson is just lounging in his apartment and glad school has started back.  He missed all his buds and the night life on the square.  He has had a big week.  Monday night at the Lyric (he saw Randall Mackey's fight) $2 Tuesdays and The Library, Ladies' Night Wednesday at the Burgundy Room, and Thirsty Thursdays last night.  He is one broke and tired little dude.  Now only one more weekend until college football kicks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ear Rubbing

This was too funny not to share now, I couldn't wait on Video Tuesday. We noticed a while back that Jackson LOVED having his ears cleaned out. You can't really stick the big safety q-tips in his ears, they just clean the outside really.  Jackson LOVES it, just like his Big R. Have you ever seen such contentment on a little guy's face? It is hysterical!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a Crap Shoot

I cringe/love sending Matt to Jackson's room to dress him because it is a crap shoot and you never know what they are going to come out with!  One thing is for sure - it is never anything I would pick out.
So obviously Matt picked this outfit out.  He told me that Jackson picked out his shoes.  Uh huh, right.
I do have to give him props that the shoes and shorts are the same color....
I guess the other thing I know for sure is Matt will NOT be picking out Mary Frances' clothes!!!
But either way, my J-Man is always SO stinkin cute.
Look how far down his legs hang :( 
My little man is getting so BIG!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fratty Friday

So handsome!  My little J-Man has had a rough week at day care, but the weekend is here and we are all geared up!!
The Saints play this weekend and he has his brew on ice and recliner in the upright and locked position!
This is him inviting you to come over and join us!  Ready for the weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Video Tuesday - On Wednesday

Today's videos are blasts from the past!  I put the date on them in order to appreciate what stage Jackson was in at the time.  These videos have been sitting dormant on Matt's phone for some time now and I finally did something about it!  When I was watching them last night it made me sad at how fast my little man is growing up.  I sat on the couch by myself (Matt was on call) just thinking about how he will be driving before I know it.  I snapped out of it after a few minutes, I think I was just tired and alone at 10:00 at night and I should have been in bed asleep.  Any way, I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did!  And I will post more later this week.

Oh and the J-Man had a much better day at day care yesterday.  They said he only cried when he saw one of his old teachers.  Let's hope he continues to improve!  I hate when my little man is sad.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rough Day

The day started out as a mixed bag, poor Matt over slept and didn't get up at his usual 4:00 a.m., but I got up early to get the day/week started.  Bad for him, but good for the J-Man and me.  Jackson and I made it out the door with no melt downs or food messes and ready to start the day in his big boy class.  New outfit and all! 
That was until we got to his big boy class.  It is the same day care, but different teachers and a different room.  I never imagined how hard it would be on him.  When I sat him down he began to cry, but stopped after I picked him up and got him a muffin.  I knew he was not his usual happy self when I left him, but I never thought he would have a rough day.  I could not wait to get back and check on him.  I wanted to hear all about nap time on the nap mat and playing outside, but when I got there he was crying.  The teacher said he had a rough day and been crying most all day, she might as well have ripped my heart out.  His little eyes were red and he had a bruise on his cheek where he ran into the door on the way to snack time.  As soon as I had him in my arms he was immediately happy and was hamming it up like normal.  That made my day, but I still hated he had been so upset all day.
Of course he was happy as a lark when we got home, but being with mama and da-da, getting a full belly, and watching Monday Night Football would make anyones day better.  Isn't that face SO much better (although you can tell his little eyes are red from crying)?  He crashed about 7:00.  He didn't even want his bedtime milk.  He threw the cup down and just pointed at the bed.  As soon as Matt laid him down he looked so happy and content to be in his bed with his Dougie.  But again after a long hard day who doesn't just want to get in their bed?  I can only pray that tomorrow will be better.  This mama and more importantly my J-Man can't handle any more rough days.
As for the plumber crack you see here - this is Jackson new outfit he wore for his first day at school.  I knew his waist was narrow, but this is bad.  The shirt is a 12 to 18 month and fits as you can see, but the shorts, the shorts are 3 to 6 months!!!  Bless him, he's built like his daddy.  Now I only pray our poor daughter is too.  :)
He was saggin!
But still the cutest little boy ever!  I love this little dude and can't stand it that he had a rough day.  I only pray that tomorrow is MUCH better.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a Great Weekend

Matt was not scheduled to have a day off this entire month, but after being awake for 36 hours on call and working 12 days straight they had pity on him and gave him the weekend off.  Jackson and I were beside ourselves with excitement!!  We had a full weekend!  On Saturday I had lots of errands to run and things to mark off my checklist.  As I was getting ready this is what I came out of the bathroom to find....
Everyone in my house was napping except for me!  I left them all to sleep and ran out to get my errands done.  And that night Aunt Anna kept the J-Man while Matt and I went to see The Help!  A whole weekend as a family AND a date night!!  WAHOO!
We actually got ready early for church so we took a little time to snap a picture of everyone dressed up!  I always pick Jackson's clothes out the night before and Matt dresses him while I get ready on Sundays.  It is always some what of a battle to get Matt to put Jackson in the outfit I want.  Matt doesn't like all of J-Man's smocked outfits, but my time is limited with him being a little guy and I want to take advantage of it!  So needless to say Matt was not pleased with Jackson's attire today, but I thought he looked handsome.  We also took some time to take a bump picture.
It's the belly bump at 18 weeks.  I have definitely gotten bigger faster with baby, let's just hope that slows down.
In big boy news, here is Jackson's sleep mat that he will start sleeping on at day care tomorrow.  :(
I unrolled it in the floor to see what he would do and he immediately walked over to it and laid down.  That is promising!
He really seems to like it.  I am just glad day care has to make him sleep on it and not me, although he is moving from three naps to one so he might sleep any where!  What I find most interesting, is that a nap mat with cover, pillow, and blanket were required.  When I was little I had a blue and red mat with no cover, pillow, or blanket and I special ordered Jackson's off etsy.  What is this world coming to?
In other Jackson news he has found his stethoscope that his Munchkin bought him before he was even born.  He will just carry it around with him and wear it around his neck!  He is too funny!  And the ladies at church today told me that Jackson was "such a charmer."  Lord help us.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fratty Friday

This little Frat Star has already started to rebell.  I share my ceral with him every morning, but this morning he was grabbing the bowl and fussing.  I popped him on the hand and he popped me back.  So I popped him on the leg and he popped me back.  What am I going to do?
And if you are thinking the gel in his hair is not very fratty, well, it's not gel, it is banana!  He had smeared it all over his head while I was in the shower.  I guess we will have to stick with raisin toast as our morning breakfast.  I tried getting it out with a wet rag, but I think that made it worse.
I am not sure if Jackson was trying to decide between which club to use on the par 4 or if he was practicing skiing.  I think he is getting ready for Aunt Meghan's wedding in Vail in Feb!  I mean what is frattier than skiing in Vail?
Even after a rough morning of rebellion and banana hair how can you stay mad at this face?  Well, it's easy when you take the golf clubs away so you can leave and he has a melt down.  Oh the joys of The Matt clone having my personality!  Thanks for the payback God, I am sure Munchkin is loving every minute of it.  Now all I can pray for is that Mary Frances get Matt's personality b/c three of me in this world is DANGEROUS.  Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a Little Sister

What do you do when you are SO excited that you are having a little sister?  You rip your shirt off, put your shades on and run all over the house!!
He is chanting "little sister, little sister!!"  We did teach him to say girl!!
Knox was a little confused as to what was going on, but...
Jackson just put the Heisman pose on him and kept running!

"I'm SO exicted!!  AHHHH!!!!"
"Don't hold me back dad, I have to let the world know. Little sister, little sister!!"

Keeping It Real Wednesday

Jackson loves to read!!  He especially loved his Lighting McQueen book because it has objects to feel and flaps that move.  He is into any book he can interact with.
He'll pull books off his little bookshelf in the den and waddle up to you wanting you to read to him.  I just LOVE it!  He will actually sit still and cuddle up with you while you read to him.  He REALLY likes it when you let him turn the pages.
Last night I FINALLY broke down and let Jackson eat with a spoon.  To my surprise he did not make a huge mess and what did make it on the floor was quickly eaten by 2 cocker spaniels!!
He switched the spoon back and forth between his left and right hand, but did the best with his left.  Big R swears he will be left handed and he might just be right.  We'll see.  And speaking of Big R - I would like to point out to him that his food is in a bowl.  My dad is always concerned that Jackson does not eat off a plate.  We are getting there Big R.
Of course he picked it right up since he is a genius!  He still preferred his hand, but we will keep working on it.
He is just getting too big and it makes me so grateful we have another baby on the way.  If I did not have another baby to divert some of my attention I think I might be depressed about the J-Man growing up.  He is even moving from the 'Creeper' room to the 'Toddler' room at day care.  Which I was completely fine with UNTIL I received his supply list that included a NAP MAT!!  A WHAT?  Yes, a nap mat.  I don't understand, he is my baby, he sleeps in a crib.  Sigh.  This is one mommy that is in denial.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Jackson has a 4 word vocabulary - Da-Da, Dog, Uh Oh, and Gross.  A unique mix I know, but dog and uh oh are his 2 favorite and will NOT say any of them on command.  He says them when he wants, not when you ask.  He only blows kisses on command.  I need to add that dog and eat are his favorite signs with more being a close second.  Matt would also tell you that Jackson can say Mama, but I don't agree.  He can make the sound, but does not associate Mama with me like he does with his other words.  Any way - to the main point of this story.  Not only did Jackson learn two new words this weekend he would say them on command.  Nana and Papa!! 
We went to stay with Nana and Papa this weekend and go to a wedding in Alabama.  Jackson woke up on Saturday morning saying Nana.  It was out of the blue and so cute!  Then at lunch we were working on Papa, and low and behold out came the words Pop-A.  Not only would he say it on command he just kept repeating it.  Papa was his favorite person all weekend and kind of hurt everyone else's feelings including mine, but I am so glad the little dude loves his Papa, especially since that is who he is names after.
Even when we made it home and told Da-Da about it (Da-Da was on call and had to stay home), he would repeat Pop-A for Matt.  It was so cute!
Munchkin went with us too and I wondered if that would confuse Jackson since we were mixing families up on him, but it didn't phase him a bit, it just meant more people for him to entertain.  This kid is a ham and will do anything to get you to clap for him.  Sigh.  Lord help us all!
Maybe Mama will be incorporated into his vocabulary soon, but I am afraid all the grand and great grand parents might have to wait on their names to be added to the list.  They are all a little harder to say, except for maybe Paw....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fratty Friday

Jackson's super fratty in his Johnny Cash "Crawl The Line" onesie!  As you can tell by this picture he loves it!  Now, if we can just find a George Jones Finally Friday shirt we will be in business!
The days of a quick Fratty Friday photo shoot are over.  I kept putting him in his chair and he kept getting up and RUNNING away.  He wanted me to chase him!
After I convinced him to stop running away he thought he would see how many toys he could drag out before we left this morning.
Always on the go.
Looking for his horse in the horse trailer.  He loves music and his horses.  The small one in the trailer from Grandmaw and Paw Paw and his stick horse from Munchkin.  He can't decide if he is going to be a country music singer or a golfer.  I vote for what ever makes him happy as long as he remains a republican conservitive (I have changed my stance a bit).  Matt did tell him learning to play the guitar was super fratty and the girls love it!  Lord help us.  Happy Friday!