Sunday, February 24, 2013

Southern Belle Sunday

Like any Southern Belle this little lady wants to take a nice like soak in her claw foot tub.
The caption on this picture would be, "Yea, I know I am cute."
Checking out the tub, ready to crawl in for some relaxation.

Make sure you get that water turned on!  Her and Jackson both are fascinated with this tub!
Please note that Jackson is the only one that has really taken a bath in this tub!  Maybe I will get around to it one day.

Happy Sunday y'all!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fratty Friday

Our little frat star is home with his daddy today with a stomach bug.  :(  He is under the weather, but still wanted to go to school until Matt mentioned watching the baseball game this afternoon.  I think it might be a ploy between the two of them to stay home and watch baseball.
These are the pictures before the baseball game was mentioned.

And these are the pictures after the baseball game was mentioned.  Do you see where my skepticism is coming from?

This little dude is a Swazye Crazy for sure.

I am glad Matt was able to stay home with him today since it is a rare occasion that he is able to and I am also glad he is the one cleaning up after the virus!  I am sure they will have a fabulous dude day apart from all the cleanup.
I am sure my little guy will be on the mend soon enough.  Now we all just sit back and pray none of the rest of us get it.

Happy Friday everyone from the happiest person I know with a stomach virus.

Monday, February 18, 2013

For Uncle Buster

Since Uncle Buster lives and Nashville and can't get down to see us too often he wanted to see pictures of the new house.  Please excuse the fact that nothing is 100% put together, but we have only been there 1 week and everything is a work in progress.
 The kids' playroom off the kitchen that actually looks put together.
 Mary Frances helping Daddy put the dining room table together.

The finished product.  Matt still has to stain the table.  And would anyone like to place bets on how long these white chairs stay clean?
 The Franny Bean's room.
J-Man's domain.
Living room/kitchen
Another view of the living room
The entry way
The view of the kitchen from the playroom
View of kitchen from the den.
The master bedroom that needs a LOT of work.
The master bath.  The shutters are on order!  But won't be in for another 4-6 weeks.  :(

Our closet!!  My side in the top pic and Matt's below.

My kingdom, I mean laundry room and cubbies.

The nursery/guest bedroom
Uncle Buster's guest bathroom when he comes to stay.
The outside of the house at night.
And that's the grand tour Uncle Buster.  Now you and Sarah get your butts down here to see us!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Southern Belle Sunday

Just doing her hair before church.  I really hate I didn't get a picture of her in her church dress, but maybe next Sunday.  She actually leaves the curler in there and doesn't try to take it out.  And please excuse the Christmas footed PJ's.  They still fit and I see no reason to buy more.  It's my long lost savings gene coming out.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New House Fun

Out of the 8 million toys we just moved this is what our children decide to play with.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fratty Friday

Last Friday was the last post from our old house.  So today is the first post from our new house.  The fact that I actually have a post today is proof we survived, but I have also decided I do not want to ever move again.  We can eventually add on to this house and never move again.

So on to the star of the show!  This new house has made EVERYONE happy!  The J-Man included!
Our new couch was delivered yesterday and Matt put it together last night!  He wasn't done with it last night when Jackson went to bed so when he got up this morning the first thing he wanted to do was climb on it.  I mean, frat kid or not this dude has lived without a couch for 3 weeks!  I am sure he has been missing having one!
He was loving crawling around on it!  And telling me that his new shirt he got for Valentine's Day said "Feed Moncrief!"  I mean, you can't be a frat star and not have a "Feed Moncrief" t-shirt!  Hopefully Bo Wallace will be feeding him a lot this fall!  August 31 is only 196 days away!
But, baseball does start in 11 hours and Jackson already has his tent setup at Swazey Field!  I guess I need to get him a shirt that says "Swazye Crazies!"
Just scrolling through these pictures makes me so happy!  He was having the time of his life on his new couch and didn't want to get up.  He said he wanted to stay there all day and watch TV.  That makes 2 of us!
He was also pretty excited when I told him Gran and Paw were coming to see him this weekend!  Today is Gran's birthday!  So happy birthday to Gran!  The coolest 84 year old I know!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend!  If anyone is free this weekend you are welcome to come visit us and help finish up packing and hang curtains!  Happy Friday and Go Rebels!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Southern Belle Sunday

This is Mary Frances' last Southern Belle post from the old house.  I took these at the end of January and never got around to posting them!
This is one of her day care outfits.  Matt calls them granola, but I think they are more punk rocker.
I try to stick to funky colors and mis-matched patterns. Only someone as adorable as Mary France could pull it off!
She is getting into the diaper box in our bedroom.  This won't be a problem in the new house since I will have drawer space for extra baby stuff in our room!  Oh the joys!
She even knows she is up to no good!  Such a mess!