Tuesday, July 31, 2012

He's Back!!!

After a week without our Wild Man he is back in full force.  We missed him terribly and as it turns out I think he actually missed us too.  When my parents turned in our neighborhood with him he started to whine and say "No, Gaga's house."
 My dad was quick to tell me this and laughed as he called it payback for all the times I told them they were not my parents that Gran and Paw were.  I guess I could see how he could enjoy my misery a bit.  But they were so mean to me.  They made me mind and I couldn't do whatever I wanted.  It was just horrible.  Can you hear the sarcastic undertones?
 But as soon as I walked outside to see my little man he looked so happy and started saying "Mama!  Mama!"  That made me feel SO much better.
 Baby sister missed her big brother too.  They play so well together and she just laughs and laughs at him.  I think she enjoyed being an only child, but enjoys playing with him more.
 Sorry these pictures are so fuzzy.  I took my camera outside to take them and it fogged up.  Since our house thermostat is set at 68 and it's a balmy MS 90 with 100% humidity my camera fogged up.
 But you can still tell Jackson and Mary Frances missed each other.

 On Sunday we got to celebrate Big R's birthday!
 You can tell in this picture where I get my blue eyes that Jackson and Mary France have too.  If only I had my parents tan too.....  Not sure that jean went?

I love this picture!  Mary Frances looks so happy!  All and all we had a great weekend and I am so glad my little family is back together.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Big R

Happy Birthday Big R!!  We love you so much and are SO happy we are getting to spend your birthday with you!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday (on Saturday)

We are doing Southern Belle Sunday on Saturday since tomorrow's post will be dedicated to Big R's birthday!!

With J-Man out of town Baby Sister and I have been hanging out doing Southern Belle stuff!
 Swinging on the porch on warm southern nights.
 Shopping for dresses.  Baby Sister and I both got a dress this week.  (I didn't take a picture of mine, it's not nearly as cute and this Cinderella dress).  Gaga got this for the Franny Bean which is awesome since her dresses cost more than mine!
Taking long luxurious baths with wine and candles.  Ok, maybe I had the wine and candles and she had milk and her rubber ducky, but either way we were relaxing.  And in big girl news, Mary Frances started drinking out of a sippy cup this week.  She even holds it a little.  We have tried and tried to get her to hold her bottles, but she just won't do it.  She slings her hands back as if to say "I'm a princesses, I don't hold my own bottle!  That's what you people are for."  Lord help us.

She really really wants to crawl, but I think she is afraid her knees and hands will get dirty.

We also hung out on the couch and caught up on our girly reality TV we have on the DVR.

We have had the best time, but I think even Mary Frances has missed her bother.  The house is so quiet without him!!  Happy Saturday y'all!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fratty Friday

So my little J-man has not been home all week and it has just been Baby Sister and me.  We have missed him terribly, but judging from the pictures it doesn't look like he has missed us very much......

 But can you blame him?  Hanging in the country with Big R and Gaga is fabulous!!  Dogs, cats, 4-wheelers, playing in the water, playing golf.  The list goes on and on.
 Helping Gaga water plants.

 Helping Big R water the yard.
 Playing a little football.
Playing a little golf.

He will be home tomorrow and I can't wait!!  I just hope he wants to stay and home and not leave me again!  Although, I will admit life has been pretty easy with just one child, but man I miss that little stinker.

Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

Our little Southern Belle is talking up a storm these days.  Even saying Da-da!!  I took a video of her Saturday while we waited in the car on Aunt Anna.  She was picking up her wedding dress and we were headed to the church!!  Enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fratty Friday

Sorry Fratty Friday is late, but I was wanting to put the pictures up from Anna's rehearsal Friday night.

I have 2 words for you - Seersucker suit!!!  Our little frat star stole the show at his Aunt Anna's wedding this weekend!
 These are the pictures from the rehearsal!
 Oh, and to make it even frattier we ordered him a Lactose shirt.  This kid will not do.

 He loves his Aunt Anna so much!!

 His second cousins we the best baby sitters all weekend!!  Anna Beth and Addie!

 Cutest little guy ever!

More wedding pictures to come!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Life After Residency

We all knew life after residency was going to be busy and Matt wouldn't be home much.  We had mentally prepared ourselves, but had not/could not physically prepare ourselves for the physical toll.  More so Matt than me, but both of us are running at full throttle.  Getting to wear that long coat is a lot of work.
Matt worked 80 hours last week.  80 HOURS IN 1 WEEK.  Lord help us!!  We do what we can and squeeze in moments here and there though.  I send Matt a lot of picture messages so he can see what the kids are doing and see them awake.
 Like all of these.

 This was her reaction when I broke the news to her that Louboutins didn't come in her size.
She is ready for her own set of golf clubs
 This one was titled 'night night da-da'

And 'ta-da! look at my new shoes!'

I'm sure it seems crazy to people that have not gone through it, but thousands of people do it every day.  I always compare our situation to military families and our situation pales in comparison.  He is not being shot at and he comes home most every night (except when he's on call).  We have been blessed beyond belief and this season of life will be gone before we know it, but your prayers are welcome until then :)!

Oh and I also need to document Matt's first page as a long coat.  It's Sunday afternoon (after his first day on July 1) and his pager goes off.  We weren't sure what it was, but then quickly realized it was a page.  After spending about 5 minutes trying to figure out how to call the number back, he got a nurse on the other end.  "Is this Dr. Miller?" she asked.  A pause on Matt's end, "Um, yes ma'm" as he looked around to find Dr. Miller only to realize she meant him. She was calling to give him an update on a patient and he was still trying to grasp the fact that he was the one she was looking for.  It was so funny!

Happy Monday everyone!!