Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shower Season

My friend Michelle from work is getting married in April and her showers have begun. Saturday she had a pottery shower and Sunday we threw her a lingerie shower. She is so funny and a great friend. About 3 years ago she watched the pups for us and had a little mishap. I told her I left they key under the mat and she could let herself into the house. She found the key under the mat and let herself in, only it wasn't our house, it was our neighbors. Luckily no one was home and she quickly discovered it wasn't our house. She will never live it down and it is a great story!

Michelle and Me

Michelle opening gifts

The little petite fours that were suppose to look like lingerie, but they ended up looking like bathing suits. They still tasted awesome and put me close to gestational diabetes.

And here are all the girls. Jamie, Jessica (who use to work with us), Michelle (the bride), me, Shannon, and Kimberly (she is pregnant too)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Story of Our (Current) Life

This is a glimpse into what mine and Matt's life is like every night! Expect tonight of course since it's my birthday! He is hanging out with me on the couch, but usually he sits at the kitchen table to study and I sit on the couch with the pups and watch TV. We do this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, but it's not all that bad because we're at least under the same roof, in the same city, and in the same country for that matter. We may not get to hang out every night, but there many other couples that are in different cities during the week or military families that have a husband or wife in another country. So I am not complaining. I just thought everyone would like to see how exciting our life is! Enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

House Under Construction

So this is how we lived for a month. Again, it could have been worse, but we lived out of the bedroom, the pups lived out of the bathroom, and I even cooked out of the bathroom! I had to plug the crock pot up in there so it would not get dust in it when the walls were sanded. I have posted the flood pics already, but I will post normal before and then after pics soon.

The Snow and The Crib

It snowed and snowed and snowed, but I still had to go to work while Matt had a snow day. He was sweet enough to take this pictures, but he didn't build a snowman because he was inside busy in the nursery. He was working on the closet so we'll have more storage, we decided on that rather than buying a bigger house (HA!!)

After I left work the snow was melting away and we went to Birmingham for the weekend. I needed maternity clothes in a BAD way! Thankfully I found an entire wardrobe at Gap Maternity on sale and I should be good for a while. What I was not expecting to purchase was a crib, but Matt surprised me with spontaneity and wanted to get this crib at Pottery Barn Kids. You know I am not going to turn down buying something so we got it on Saturday and he put it together as soon as we got home on Sunday! You can see the work in progress. It looks so cute and officially looks like a nursery.