Monday, April 26, 2010

Couples Shower

We had our couple's shower in Oxford this weekend and had a blast! Minus the storms it was an all around great weekend. We had a great time with friends and Ole Miss swept 5th ranked LSU in baseball! I do have a lot of pictures (thanks Glenn), but some how I missed taking a picture of the hosts; Corey, her parents, and Clinton and Glenn Schove. They threw a wonderful shower and Matt and I could not ask for better friends (noticing a theme?)! Since it was a couples shower we had to keep it 'guy' friendly so the menu consisted of BBQ, chicken tenders, and my personal favorite corn dogs. Luckily the LSU fans were at the baseball game and didn't show up to steal our corn dogs. Enjoy the pics!Here are all the gifts before Matt and I tore into them. Everyone was so sweet and bought some of the cutest things!
Another Polo onesie for Fratty Friday!!! This one is for the winter with it's long sleeves and pants!
A doctor toy set - my mother found and just HAD to buy. SO cute! No pressure or anything Peanut. I have warned Matt that he may get my intelligence and we will have to be happy with a little hospitality management manager! A baseball onesie from Puddin! How cute are the little cleats on the bottom of it!?!I told Aunt Shay not to buy Peanut anything since she had already helped throw me another shower AND gotten me a ton of great things. Well..... She listened, somewhat. She didn't buy these, she sketched them. How cute are they? She is available for your artistic needs at :)
Mr. Matthew enjoying Corey's homemade caramel cake! The entire thing was eaten by the end of the night. Not by Mr. Matthew alone though.
Some of the guys! And I would like to thank all of the guys for coming. A baby shower on a Saturday night while a make-up baseball game is going on! These are true friends! THANKS AGAIN!
Some of the girls!

And the grandparents. Big R and Munchkin! They are so excited!
Here is a closet update. It is filling up nicely. Notice the cute storage bins. A wonderful gift from the Schoves!! Glenn knows I LOVE organizing. Thanks y'all!

And finally the bedding! It is complete! How cute? It is all ready for Peanut. Although he needs to wait 9 more weeks before he shows up. Oh and please notice his first set of golf clubs!! They are however slightly used since Matt pulled them out and played with them yesterday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poor Kid

This poor kid does not stand a chance!! He will be called Peanut the rest of his life. I bought this at Gymboree yesterday and this makes the second onesie he has with a peanut reference on it! And if anyone sees any other clothing items with peanut references on them please let me know! 68 days to go!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone beleive that? I can't!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Med School Shower

Matt and I had the med school couples shower this weekend. Several of the girls in his class got together and threw it for us! Once again Matt and I are both overwhelmed with gratitude. They all have been so busy studying and the fact that they took time out of their schedule to put this together for us means more than we can express. I have been surprised at how excited everyone is about this baby coming. They all want to baby sit and were making plans last night to be at the hospital when Peanut is born. I told them as long as they were not in the delivery room I would LOVE for them to be at the hospital.Here is the adorable cake that Morgan had a lady in Yazoo City make. She does not use milk in her cakes for all you all there that are lactose intolerant.
Matt and me opening one of our many big gifts.
The wonderful hosts! Macey, Hayes, Laura, and Morgan! Thank you ladies!! Y'all are the best!
These were all the gifts in Peanuts room when we got home from the shower. Another reason Matt and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. THANK YOU! I cannot say it enough.
Lastly, Peanut's closet! It's getting so full! This child is going to be rotten and I am blaming it on all of you! We are blessed beyond belief with wonderful friends! Thank you!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedding Weekend in Natchez

My friend Michelle that I work with and posted about her showers got married last weekend in Natchez. I loaded up and rode with Jarrod and Jamie. Poor Matt had to stay home and study (imagine that). We had the best time as you can see by all of my pictures. We stayed with Shannon and Zach and I finally got to see their house since they re-did it. They worked so hard on it and it looks great! We ate lunch at the odd looking building below and it was amazing! They have sandwiches on homemade bread. I could have just eaten a loaf of the bread! The wedding was later that day and in those pictures with me are Kensy, Taylor, then Shannon and Jamie of course. Sorry I don't have a picture of the bride, I had to get these pictures from Shannon since I did not take any.

Matt and I have a couples shower this weekend and I cannot wait!! Several sweet girls in his class are taking time out from studying to throw it for us. I could not believe it when they told me they wanted to do it. They are so busy and it means so much that they are taking the time to do it. I will definitely take pictures and get them posted.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fair and Balanced

This is another example of what you will be seeing Peanut in on Fratty Fridays when he gets here! It is super cute and what his other grandmother gave him for Easter. I had to post it too in order to be fair and because it was equally fratty! Oh and you can fully anticipate seeing that collar popped!

On another topic, I signed the Peanut up for day care today. It was more emotional than I had anticipated, but I survived. It is a great day care and he will be well taken care of, but that did not make it any easier.

That's all for now! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

A BIG THANK YOU to my parents and Buster for helping me in the yard this weekend!!! Poor Matt had to study, but I needed to get our yard in shape so who do you call? The munchkin gardener, aka my mom. She came in and whipped our yard into shape in no time! Here is the finished product! I only wish I had taken a picture of us all dressed up to go to church. You would have thought we were going to the grove! All in all it was a fabulous weekend and the Easter Bunny made it to our house. The picture below is just one of the cute outfits he brought Peanut. He will wear it on Fratty Fridays. I guess it is as good a time as any to introduce everyone to Fratty Fridays.... Matt and I were trying to decide how we could incorporate a male dress up day for Peanut like Lisha did with Elle. I came up with Camo Wednesday, but Matt doesn't hunt and Matt came up with County Club Monday. We stuck with that for a few days until Uncle Buster recommended Fratty Fridays this weekend and WE LOVE IT! Fratty Fridays it is! This poor kid doesn't stand a chance. Before you know it I will be posting adorable pics of Peanut in his fratty attire!