Friday, June 24, 2011

Fratty Friday

A white button down linen shirt and searsucker shorts.....  He looked so much older after I dressed him this morning!  It is such a grown up outfit for such a little guy (even though one could argue he is not so little any more).  He is dressed and ready for his super fratty trip to the beach with his other fratty friends.  I am really not looking forward to those days.....
Jackson on his thrown!
I had to give Dougie back during the middle of the photo shoot because he was not happy I had taken it.  It goes every where with him these days.  He only leaves it behind to eat, bathe, or swim.
I got a little action shot of him walking.  He walks better at day care or around other kids.  At home he reverts to a baby and thinks we need to hold his hand, but when he sees other kids around his size walking he takes off.  Wednesday at swimming lessons he was walking all over the place while we were waiting to get in the pool, but there were a ton of other kids around doing the same thing.  There was a really cute little girl that was probably 2 and a half that was egging him on to walk.  He was trying to impress her.  Oh Lord plese help me!  The best part is, he has to wear a Speedo at swimming lessons (to keep anything that might escape the diaper in) so he was strutting around in front of this little girl in a Speedo!!  It was really funny!  My little frat star lady charmer!!  Happy Friday!