Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keeping It Real Wednesday - Big Brothers

I put these pictures in a post and didn't have time to blog about them.  But with two boys this cute I should have found time to blog about it.  This adorable little guy is Abney, Jimbo and Britney's big dude. We all went to Ole Miss together and Matt and Jimbo were KA's together and attached at the hip. They were both enigerneering majors and had all of their classes togther. I wish I could tell you that they studied together, but they actually skipped class and played golf together. Flash forward 7 years later and Jimbo is a second year orthopaedics resident and God willing Matt will start an orthopaedic residency in July. I foresee more hip attachement going on between these two.

Now that I have caught you up to present day, Jackson and Abney are 3 months apart and this summer when Matt broke the news to Jimbo about baby number 2 coming in January, Jimbo had news of his own about baby number 2 in December.  I also need to add that while Jackson was in a hurry to get here and was born 2 weeks early, Abney was in an even bigger hurry and came 4 weeks early.  Well, not to be out done, baby number 2, Benny came 6 weeks early, but Mom and baby were both healthy!
Once they got home we went over for a visit.  Benny slept the entire time, as to be expected for a baby that should still be in his mama's warm tummy, but he sure was sporting his Rebel tobagan.  But while he slept Abney and Jackson discussed thier deep love of Elmo.  We are not sure what it is about Elmo, but they LOVE him!
We need to get these little guys together more.  They were too cute for words playing together.  And once Mary Frances gets here in January Benny will have a nap mate.  It is so exciting to have great friends that you can share life with from one stage to the next.  We haven been extremely blessed in that and I am so greatful.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Video Tuesday

I only caught the tail end of Jackson and his cousin Brandon rough housing so you don't get the full picture.  Brandon is older, bigger, and plays rough, but Jackson hung right in there with him.  You can't tell by this video, but Jackson would get up and tackle Brandon right back.  I only caught Brandon doing it to him, but Jackson was holding his own so please don't think I am a terrible mother.  They had the best time and Jackson needs to learn to stand up for himself (I speak from experience being the second youngest of 16 first cousins on one side.)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day After Thanksgiving

Before heading back home the day after Thanksgiving we stopped by Matt's Aunt Kelly and Unlce Jeff's new house to check it out.  When we got there J-Man thought he had died and gone to heaven.  They had a pond complete with a duck and a basketball goal.  What more could a little guy ask for?  Well, he did ask for all of the above for our house from Santa, but I told him Santa could only fit a basketball goal in his sleigh.  Jeff and Kelly's house and land also served as a great setting for a photo shoot.  We got some really good shots of Jackson!

I mean, can you get sweeter than this?

This is my new favorite family picture!!

Like I said in my last post it really was a great Thanksgiving even if everyone got sick!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


This year's Thanksgiving is one we will not soon forget.  Two years ago at Thanksgiving Matt and I told everyone we were having a baby, last year was Jackson's first Thanksgiving, and this year we successfully gave almost everyone in our family a stomach virus.  Yup, not nearly as fun as the two previous Thanksgivings, but definately eventful. 

It all began last Sunday morning when Jackson threw up all over our bed after drinking his milk.  So, on Monday I stayed home with him and by that night at 10:00 Matt came in from work with the same symptoms.  Fabulous.  Tuesday morning I woke up feeling fine, but by 8:00 a.m. I was down for the count too.  Thank goodness Mrs. Shelia had come into town to shop and she was able to take care of Jackson while Matt and I clung to life.  The good news was the virus did not affect Jackson as bad as it did us.  After spending all day Tuesday in bed and not eating we started Wednesday slow, but felt better.  After keeping some toast down we thought we could head on to Caledonia. 

But by Wendesday night Mrs. Shelia sent us a text that said "I have it."  Another text from my mom Saturday morning after we got home that said "I got it."  A phone call Saturday monring letting us know Matt's aunt had it, and finally today we found out today that Matt's grandmother and uncle had it.  After that phone call, I turned my phone off.  Just kidding, but I feel so bad even though everyone has been super sweet about it.

So between clinging to life from a stomach virus and infecting the rest of the southeast, we had a really great Thanksgiving!  So please enjoy all the pictures from our Thanksgiving!  I didn't take any at Matt's grandmother's house (Matt took all the ones at my parents' house) because I am terrible at taking pictures, but I know other people did so if anyone has any send them to me or put them on Facebook and I can add them to this post!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fratty Friday

After eating lots of turkey and getting lots of kisses from everyone Jackson is gearing up for the Egg Bowl.
That's right, he is still a Rebel fan, he just doesn't want anyone to know.  :)
But can you blame the kid?  Our poor Rebels are having a tough time, but we are hanging in there with them!  Just like his mama he has been a Rebel since birth and will hang in there no matter what. 
He is even recommending that I put a paper bag over my head.  God love him.
But he is optimistic about next year.  Gosh, we sound like State fans, "there is always next year."  Hotty Toddy!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keeping It Real Wednesday

So these are the pictures you did not see in my post on Saturday, but these are the real pictures of what that Saturday looked like.  An Ole Miss jersey and no pants.  It's November in Mississippi, who needs pants?
This is my second favorite one!!  "I am a boy and I am going to grab my boy parts because that is what boys do!"  Or at least that is the only conclusion I can come to as to why he was doing it?
Now this is my favorite picture!  If we were sending out a Christmas card this would be it!  And in case you are wondering, we are sending out a New Year's/birth announcement card at the first of the year rather than a Christmas card.  This will save money and time.  As a single income family with two BUSY parents, extra money and time are always needed!
Jackson even colored pantless!  I would like to take this time to thank Crayola for inviting the markers that only color on the special coloring book.  BEST INVENTION EVER!!  Jackson can color all day long and not get it on himself, the carpet, or walls!  The markers are just amazing!
Then there is Da-da.  He always does this goofy smile and then doesn't understand when I post it some where.  I am not sure what he thinks sometimes either.  If I capture it on the camera and it is funny, goofy, or just odd it's going on "Keeping It Real Wednesday!"  And anyone that knows him knows that he is just a goof ball at heart.  Such a loveable goof ball though.
Then after a long afternoon of playing pantless and eating a snack of Oreos and milk it was time for a nap!  It is hard being Jackson Miller.  I mean being this cute and outgoing would wear anyone out.

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow and can spend it with the ones you love!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Nothing in life stays the same and who would want it to?  That would be boring!  As long as my family is together, happy, and healthy our world and the world around us can keep changing!  Over the next 6 months my little world will have LOTS of changes.  We will go from a family of 5 to 6 (Elle and Knox are our kids too even if they don't get the love they once did), Matt will graduate from medical school, I hope to move (even if it is just across town), the Rebels will have a new football coach and AD, my J-Man will be 2 (I can't count his age in months any more :( ), and I will turn 30 (AHHH).  I swear Matt and I just got married last year so when did we become a married couple of almost 7 years with two kids, 5 losing Ole Miss seasons under our belt, and a doctor in the family?  Minus the 5 losing seasons at Ole Miss, God has been beyond good to us, I just have to throw the Ole Miss reference in there because the wounds still feel so new :).  All joking aside we are blessed beyond belief and I get excited just thinking about what else God has in store for us.  Hopefully it is more healthy children, a winning football team, and a condo in Oxford, but we shall see.

So, about the pending changes in Oxford.  I could not be happier with Pete Boone leaving.  He was a terrible AD!!  Matt and I both worked for the athletic department since he has been there and after having many other friends work for or with him, we have first hand experience about his terribleness.  I have been on the fence about Nutt because I still don't understand how you can win 9 games 2 seasons in a row and then win 6 total in 2 years.  And yes, I am saying 6 games assuming we will lose our final two this season to LSU (obviously) and State.  All I can hope is that we finally get a stable winning coach that stays around for years.  I want Jackson to grow up in The Grove and going to Bowl games.  I think all kids deserve that.  Especially a kid that his first multiple word phrase after "uh-oh" was "go Rebels" and "football game." 
As for the game at hand today, I will be supporting my Rebels from home.  Yet antoher big change.  This will be the first Ole Miss LSU game I have missed in 11 years.  Matt and my parents have to work and I couldn't take on those LSU fans on my own with a toddler in tow.  Even though I will not be there physically I will be there in spirit hoping for an upset.  Sure I want to see another SEC national champion, but I also want to see the BCS go into madness and I have to pull for my Rebels.  Why stop now?  So if you are any where near Oxford today look out for flying corn dogs because the Ole Miss faithful will be there hurling them at the freakishly odd looking LSU fans.  And can I also add a disclaimer here to say that all of the LSU fans I know personally are really good people.  It is the freakishly odd dressing and acting people that give them a bad name, but they all still smell like corn dogs!  Hotty Toddy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fratty Friday

I have not done a month birthday post in a while so I will include Jackson's 17 month old update in today's Fratty post (He was 17 months old on Wednesday).  He continues to amaze us every day and sometimes we are not amazed at things we should be, but we don't know any different.  For example, Jackson came home from daycare one day and could just blow his nose.  Every time I would stick the tissue up to his nose he would just blow.  I didn't think anything of it.  So when Matt asked him to blow his nose at the doctor's office, his pediatrician was blown away that he could do it.  He said there are 4 and 5 year olds that can't.  I don't know about all that, but he is pretty smart.  The other morning is another perfect example.  His Baby Einstein video was over so I turned Fox News back on.  Jackson found the remote, brought it to me, and said "football game."  He says 'football' and 'football game' constantly.  When I turned sports center on and basketball was on, he looked a little confused.  I guess we need to start talking to him about sporting seasons.  He will need to learn basketball game and baseball game.  But really around our house there is only football, racing, and baseball.  But for now football is all he knows and cares about.  Like this morning "football game" was the second thing out of his mouth, the first was "hey."  As soon as I turned on NFL network for the Jets/Broncos recap and gave him his milk he was the happiest little boy in the world!!

And as I have said before he knows how to ham it up!!  He loves crowds and attention.  Lord help us!  He can now repeat anything and everything we say.  Some words and phrases he hangs on to and others he just repeats them once when he hears us say them.  His new favorite he picked up from Sheshe, "Oh gosh."  It is so funny because he uses it when appropriate.  Like when his sippy cup leaked milk in our bed.  He ran his hand over the wet spot and said "Oh Gosh."  He also can tell us yes and no by shaking his head.  He uses the appropriate head motion for what he wants to do. 

He signs and says please, but can only sign thank you, he can't say that yet.  Second to "football game" his favorite phrase is "hot dog."  He doesn't even know what a hot dog is, but they say it in the Mickey Mouse Club House song so every time he sees Mickey or I get the iPad (I have the song downloaded on it)out he says "hot dog."

It is so much fun watching him grow up and discover new things.  He learns something new every day and I don't want him to grow up, but I can't wait to see his little personality continue to evolve.  We love him so much and could not be any more blessed than we are!  I thank God for him and our little family every day!  Happy Friday everyone, oh and GO REBELS!!  Beat those Tigers (HA HA HA HA!!)!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Boy Room

Our guest bedroom is now Jackson's Big Boy room.  So if you come to stay with us there is no more queen bed to relax in, only a twin bed with a trundle.
For some reason this bedroom is the largest in the house and it's a good thing because Jackson has lots of stuff!
This is the play area and Jackson LOVES it!  He can play for hours in his garage and with all of his stuffed animals.
I still need to hang all of his pictures, but I can't do it without Munchkin.  She is the picture hanging professional.
His big boy bed that he will be in before we know it.  I am in no rush though.  With another one on the way I am not signing myself up for any new challenges in the near future.
And this is Matt's corner office :).  We still need to clean it out and off, but it will remain an adult area for now.  We have no where else to put bills and our office stuff.  Maybe after March when we find out where we will be for residency we can move into a bigger house.  I would LOVE a 4 bedroom house with a 3 car garage and sun room that we could use as a play room, but I don't know if that's in our price range.  A girl can dream though can't she?
Sure Jackson's room has our office stuff in it and the living room has a Little Tikes slide in it, but it is also full of love!  I love our house and it will always be our first home where we have many fond memories.