Friday, November 30, 2012

Fratty Friday

Since I missed last Friday I knew this Friday had to be REALLY good.  So, I forced Jackson into a sweater he didn't want and bribed him with a new Mickey Mouse DVD from Bruce (our Elf on the Shelf)!
This is the face we got as we started the photo shoot.
But after reminding him of the new DVD and the possibility of letting him watch it in the car, this is what we got.  Much better!!
So, it's the week before finals at Ole Miss and that means this little frat star doesn't have a care in the world.  I mean why would he?  He has all next week to cram for finals.  At least that's what his mama did.
And since he doesn't have a care in the world he has just been going out on the square at night and hanging with is buddies hunting.  They hunt in the mornings and afternoons and skin their deer at the KA house before taking it to the processor (this really happened while we were in college).  
 Have you ever seen a more adorable face?  He can't keep the ladies off of him!
And in a real life update, potty training this little guy is NO fun and he has started coming in our room every night to get in our bed.  I know we should probably fight him on both, but some days it's not worth it.  He goes all day at school in big boy undies and then refuses to potty for us.  So he stands in the middle of the den and potties in his undies and I get to clean up the floor while Matt cleans him up.  He is going to be the death of us.  And on the sleeping front he just wants to be in our bed.  He starts out in his bed, but usually only makes it until midnight.
He's killing us!  But how can you say no to cuddling with that face?  We'll get there on both fronts, but man he is hard headed.  Just like his daddy :)
And please note the lights and bow and the Christmas tree, but no ornaments.  It's my goal to get those on tomorrow.  We'll see if that happens since Matt has to work.  We may just have a bow and lights all month.  Maybe Santa will come decorate it for me?
 I hope I have made up for no Fratty Friday last week!  Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!
 See ya next time!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Sister

Anything you can do I can do better......  That's pretty much her theme song!  Mary Frances wants to do everything Jackson does and with every passing day she can do more and more of what her big bro does.
Gaga moved Mary Frances' chair out of her room and into the den for her.  I have a feeling it is going to become a permanent fixture in our living room.
Just hanging out with their grandmothers and watching Mickey Mouse in their personalized chairs.  Does life get any better?  I think not.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fratty Friday on Monday

Sorry for the late post fans.  Our little Fratty Friday star was under the weather on Friday.  He was really congested and really just needed rest more than anything.  When he gets stopped up and can't breathe through his nose he has a hard time breathing through his mouth when he sleeps since he has the largest tonsils on the planet. The doctor gave us a steroid that helped, but makes him wild!  We have an appointment with an ENT to see what can be done with is tonsils.  Bless him.
So when dad got home we loaded up to get Mary Frances from daycare.  I stayed home with Jackson, but took Franny to school since I still had to get work done.  Getting work done while at home with 2 kids is impossible!  It is manageable with only one of the two though.
So when Matt put on a hat Jackson thought he needed one too!  It was so funny.  Matt rarely wears one, but as soon as Jackson saw it he requested his!  And since they both needed a haircut they looked super fratty with their hair flipping out from underneath it.

So hear are some rare photos of Matt on a Fratty Friday!  Fratty like Daddy!  These pictures are as good as they get.  Sorry people!
Jackson is on the mend and I just hope we can all stay well for a big Thanksgiving!  Because who could forget the epic stomach virus we passed around to each other last year at Thanksgiving!  Fun times.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

 Look at that precious face!!  She is getting so big and not looking like a baby any more.  Her face has dimension now and not just fat cheeks.  She was wearing her cheerleader outfit cheering on the Rebels.  Too bad they couldn't pull it out.  Oh well.  We have one more game to become bowl eligible.
So enough about the Rebels, let's talk about these football leg warmers or sausage casings cousin Kristi calls them!
Couldn't you just eat her up!!  Happy Sunday everyone.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keeping It Real Wednesday

If this doesn't make you smile I don't know what will.
She loves food!  There are not many food items she won't eat.  But she really loves poppy seed chicken!  And who can blame her?
So after dinner, but before her bath I just let her play in a diaper.  No need in putting on new clothes just to take them right back off for a bath.
And this is what we call swell belly.
She loved it!  But who wouldn't love running around naked if you had a body this cute!!
Have you ever seen a happier little girl?  I think not.
 And look at those arm rolls!  I could just eat her up!
So, as adorable as her outfits are and as put together as she may appear to be most of the time she loves playing naked.  I told her not to get use to it though.  This will no longer be acceptable after the age of 2.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Southern Belle Sunday

I have been an absentee mom when it comes to Southern Belle Sunday, I know.
And I don't really even have a good excuse.  Everyday I think 'I need to take a picture of her wearing this or doing that."  And I just don't.
So I am sorry world, I am depriving you of the cutest little girl on the planet, but hopefully these will make up for it!  These two faces are her most common and I LOVE them.  She is so funny and growing so fast.
She will be 11 months old on the 17th and is crawling, pulling up, and taking steps while pushing something. She is not very far from walking.  She says mama and I think she tries to say da-da and Bubba (that's what we call Jackson).
After waking up early a couple of times after the time change she has started sleeping until 6:30 instead of her usual 5:30.  This is one happy mama!!  I LOVE going in her room to get her in the mornings.  Now that it is cold she sleeps in footed fleece PJs.  I don't think there is anything better than a baby in fleece footed PJs.  She hold her arms out for me to get her and then snuggles right up next to me as I heat up her milk.  Such a laid back little girl.  Even other people notice how laid back she is.  I'm so glad she got that from me :).
The only thing I do miss about her getting up early is that I would put her in bed with me while she drank her bottle.  Now she wakes up so late I am already dressed or getting ready.  I still sneak my cuddle time in though.  She drinks her bottle and eats her Cheerios while watching Baby Einstein every morning.  And some mornings Jackson wakes up early and feeds her Cheerios.  Cutest site ever!!

So there you have it!  Southern Belle Sunday!!