Friday, July 29, 2011

Fratty Friday

First of all this morning - Happy Birthday Big R!!!!  We LOVE you!!!
The J-Man is definately preparing for college and being a frat star because he is NOT SLEEPING!  And he is wearing his poor parents OUT!
When he is up he is in to everything and runs every where so I am not real sure why he does not crash at night.
He's checking the air in his jeep tire before heading to sardis in this picture!
Here is comes...
He's going to get me...
Almost most here....
Ahhhh!!!!  This is his favorite game.  He chases us and we chase him.  He could do this all night when we get home!  Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, July 25, 2011

J-Man Jamming

This video was too cute to hold on to until Video Tuesday.  He just can't resist a good beat!  My favorite is when he starts to do the worm with is head!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fratty Friday

Summer is winding down and that means one thing - 2 A Days!  Jackson ran by the equipment room at the IPF (Indoor Practice Facility) to get his jersey and is ready to go!!
Look at that grip on the football, a future quarter back for sure.
Number 3 just like his Daddy!  Can't you hear them announcing him in Vaught Hemingway Stadium on Saturdays?  No pressure.
This was our action shot.  He had dropped back and was looking for an open receiver down the field.  Knox was open and he completed the pass for a "First Down Ole Miss!"
Here he is walking up to center!
This makes me ready for football season for sure!!  Only 6 more weeks until our first game!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad Habits

We have gone back and forth with letting Jackson sleep in our bed, but we need to break the habit before the new baby comes along!  I was trying to get a picture of how he was sleeping, but as soon as I got the camera out he started to wake up.  He was sleeping long ways against the headboard and Matt and I were clinging to the edge for dear life.
He doesn't sleep with us that often or all night.  He starts out in his bed and randomly wakes up between 4:00 and 5:00.  Rather than letting him cry for an hour and lose my last hour or two of sleep we just put him in bed with us.  As soon as I pick him up he is content and goes right back to sleep in our bed.  And with a dude this cute how could I not cuddle him?
You may notice he is wearing mismatching PJs.  That is because after his bath last night he ate a second dinner with us (which is typical) and got mac and cheese all over his PJ pants.  Rather than changing him all together we just slapped some new pants on him.

I really should have saved this for "Keeping It Real Wednesday," but it was too cute not to share.  Letting him sleep with us and wearing mismatch PJs puts us out of the running for Parents of the Year, but that is fine with me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keeping It Real Wednesday

Poor Pistachio - When I first found out I was pregnant with Jackson that is all I blogged about.  I am now 14 weeks pregnant with Pistachio (that is what we are calling this baby since we called Jackson Peanut for 9 months) and I don't think I have blogged about him/her yet.  Of course this baby will be just as special, but I am going to blame the lack of blogging on being SO busy.  Pistachio was a surprise, but a wonderful surprise!  It has always been my intention to have lots of little Libertarians to help vote in conservative leaders and work hard to make America a better place, so it is not that big of a shock that we are already having another baby!

They say all pregnancies are different and that is true for sure.  Just like with Jackson I was sick for the first 9 weeks, but the difference this time was I was only sick at night where with Jackson I was sick ALL day long!  So that was a very nice change.  The other similarity is my food consumption.  I ate a lot then and I eat a lot now.  Even for someone that loves to eat, I am kind of getting tired of it.  It runs my life.  I have to plan my day around consuming food.  Matt jokes and says every time he is on the phone with me I am going through a drive through, but it's not a joke.  It's the truth!  I eat my fair share of fries and burgers, but I also try to eat healthy too.  I get grilled chicken sandwiches and salads a good bit, but at this point I am still only eating what sounds good.  The other difference between baby 1 and 2 is I always have a bad taste in my mouth, that is the other reason for the constant eating.  I just want the bad taste to go away and there is only so much gum you can chew and Tums you can eat.  All and all this pregnancy has not been bad at all and I just want a healthy baby!  We find out in 4 weeks if this is a boy or girl!!  I cannot wait!!!!!!!!

I will try to do better about blogging about our new bundle of joy!  Oh and one other topic that keeps coming up, will we tell the name?  If it is a girl I can't keep it a secret that she will be named Mary Frances like my great grand mother.  I have told everyone that knows me that since I was 4, so I could try and play coy, but everyone would know.  However, if it is a boy I don't know what we will name him.  It may take us the remaining 20 weeks to figure that out so we shall see!  And since no one really cares about reading and they just want to see pics, below is a bonus video of Jackson playing with his horses.  I would like to point out that he is a genius because at 13 months old he put the horse in the trailer and figures out how to take it back out.  :)  This may be normal development for a 13 month old, I have no idea.  Just indulge me, and if you don't like hearing how cute and smart my kid is don't read my blog!!  HA HA!

He's a Genius!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video Tuesday

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Munchkin!!

We'll see you this weekend!!
Now, for the videos.  The first one is of Elle Belle and the second is the J-Man enjoying a little sprinkler fun!  Happy Tuesday!

Elle Belle

I fotgot I had taken this video while we were in Houston. This is Elle only 4 days after her open heart surgery. Amazing does not even begin to describe this little girl!

Sprinkler Fun

We had just gotten home from the beach and needed to water the yard.  We were sitting outside on the patio watching the sprinkler and dead tired from the drive when Jackson took an interest in the sprinkler.  He was only wearing a onesie and a non-swim diaper, but we thought, what the heck.  He would have played in it all night if we would have let him, but he LOVED it.  I have decided that he loves all things water!

Monday, July 18, 2011

This and That

Our weekend was eventful to say the least - On Saturday we helped Anna move into her super cute new house and little Austin Jex was born at 3:49 a.m.!!  We got to go meet the little guy on Sunday and Jackson was so cute with him!!

Jackson was helping his Dad and Gran Dan work on some projects around Anna's house.  He is such a big helper!
All of Anna's stuff got moved and put in its place no thanks to Jackson or me.  He ran all over the house and I just chased him!  I guess there was too much going on for the little guy because he REFUSED to take a nap!  He took a 30 minute nap Saturday morning and that was it!  I did not know how he was still moving, but by bedtime at 7:30 he crashed.  And of course in true J-Man style he woke up at 6:20 the next morning!
After church we had grand plans of going strait to Natchez to meet Mr. Austin.  Well, those plans were placed on a temporary hold when we were rear-ended.  I'm sure dealing with the other person's insurance company is going to be FUN!
We finally made it to Natchez after our short delay and it was WORTH it!  Austin is adorable and has blonde hair.  I have not been around that many new borns, but I have never seen a new born with blonde hair!  It is so cool!
He we are with our little men!  Jackson is ready to show Austin the ropes.  I have a feeling they will get into a LOT together!
I LOVE this picture because it sums it all up.  Check out my death grip on Jackson's leg.  I am trying to keep him from jumping down to get into God knows what and Shannon is trying to wake Austin up for the picture.  Oh what a difference a year makes.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fratty Friday

I was out of town last night so it was just Matt and the J-Man!
I think they had a good time.  I have not been home yet to see what a mess they made, but knowing Matt I am sure it is fine!
Matt also had the BIG task this morning of taking Fratty Friday pictures.  No pressure.
And he did great!  These pictures are SO good!  Look at that double chin!!
Getting in to everything as usual.
This face is hysterical.  It is like he is telling us something very important.
Oh.....  a golf club!  This kid is OBSESSED with golf.  Thursday morning Matt had the TV on the British Open and whenever anyone would tee off, Jackson would clap.  It was hysterical!
Such a sweet face!
I can't wait to get home and squeeze him!!!
I could just eat him up!!  Happy Friday!  J-Man is skipping class and off to the golf course.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Long Time No Post

I have not posted a blog entry since Friday and even before then I have not been doing great.  We have been busier than any 3 people should be!  Work is crazier than ever, school for Matt has been non-stop (and not going to get any better until December), and Jackson is at full throttle.  Our weeks seem to be packed and our weekends even more packed.
We just got back from Houston.  Matt had to take a test and I tagged along so I could see Lisha and Elle.  We stopped in Baton Rouge for a visit and left the J-Man with his Grand-Dan, his She-She and Aunt Anna were at the beach.  Matt and I were in Houston Monday and Tuesday so I got to see Elle Belle Monday AND Tuesday, but Matt only got to see her on Monday since he had his test on Tuesday.  She was still in the hospital after her open heart surgery, but looked AMAZING.  Of course I took no pictures, but thankfully Lisha did and you can see them at the link above.  Elle is such an amazing little girl and I am so glad we were able to see her.  She actually went home on Tuesday.  We are so proud of her and glad she is on to a speedy recovery!

Tuesday was Matt's birthday and we were able to celebrate just the two of us and a steak :)!  It was great spending time together, but we missed our little dude SO bad!  We only went one full day without seeing him, but man it was hard.  But with a face like that how could you not miss him?
We got back in town today and headed straight for Jackson's 12 month check-up (almost a month late I know).  He weights 20 pounds, is 31 inches long, and is healthy as a lark!  His head has moved into the 25% range, his height is in the 75%, and his weight is in the 25%.  He is a lean mean fighting machine.  The doctor seemed pretty impressed he knew the signs for eat, more, and ball.  He also claps when something is good or sees other people doing it.  It is good to have other people acknowledge your child is a genius even though we already knew that.  Oh and he can point to my nose when I say "where is mommy's nose?"  We are working on mouth, eyes, and ears.

I think that about sums up all we have for now!  I have some really cute videos I need to get off of Matt's phone and I will get those posted soon!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fratty Friday

This really isn't Fratty, but it is Friday!!!  Wahoo!!  We were running a little late this morning and the video I took in the car before we left turned out really dark so I am going with the video from swimming lessons on Wednesday.  Mrs. Shannon Bevill asked for a picture of the J-Man in his speedos and here it is!!  Jackson also wanted me to include that he is a little embarrassed of this video, but understands we have to give the people what they want!!!  Happy Friday!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Video Tuesday

Jackson was not real sure about the Mariachi Band at dinner the other night. He wanted to dance, but just couldn't figure it out.