Monday, April 14, 2014

Beanie and Bailey

Beanie and Bailey.  What can I say?  These girls are a mess and a half.  Mary Frances and Bailey's birthdays are a week apart, they are in the same class at school, Bailey's dad is a resident too, and Bailey's little sister Brooke is Rook's girlfriend and 3 months younger than Rook.  Needless to say, Mary Frances and Bailey have a lot in common.  I have sporadically posted pictures of them together, but I thought I would dedicate a blog to all their shenanigans!
Heading to Wednesday night church in sunglasses and matching North Faces.  Their dads don't know it yet, but they will have matching Tahoes too.  After all, their moms have matching Tahoes.  Like I said, they have a lot in common.

They love each other so much!  They even give hugs and kisses before one leaves school.
 This is the best though, they even potty together. Girls who potty together stay together!

Bailey's mom (Jenna) is the director of their daycare and she is always sending me fabulous pictures.  They are going to LOVE these when they are about 13.
We went to their house for a crawfish boil a few weekends ago and it ended with Mary Frances spending the night with Bailey.  Yup, she had a sleep over at 2.
 How funny are these pictures?  They had a ball!
 Had a picnic outside.

Got pulled around in a kayak


Watched The Little Mermaid in their PJs.

And went night night in the same room.
And this is how Jenna found them the next morning.  Just chatting it up.
And poor Franny didn't want to come home.  But who would want to leave all that?  I can't blame her.  Hopefully we can have Bailey spend the night soon.  They will have so much fun!
We are so blessed to have Bailey and her family in our lives.  I really hope she and Franny can remain friends all their lives.  The only problem is Bailey will go to LSU when Franny heads to Ole Miss.  Who would have ever thought we could love a corn dog so much?