Friday, January 9, 2015

Sometimes I Forget

I started this blog after Matt finished trauma last year and with his last trauma rotation coming up in 6 short months I thought it was a good blog to start back with.  It will help remind me of the important things in life when Matt is getting home at 9:00 PM.

Sometimes I get so caught up in life with all these full of personality people that I forget what is really going on.
I get frustrated by wrangling 3 kids alone and an exhausted husband and a messy house that I can't see past nap time.  When Matt is on trauma it is the worst 3 months of the year, except for your second year and it's the worst 6 months.  I stay positive most days, but there are others that I refuse to be positive.  I just don't feel like it.  I am tired, the house is a mess, the kids are crankier than me, and Matt hasn't seen them in 6 days.  I am over it.  Residency is horrible.

But it was after a simple Instagram post several months back where I hastagged my hate toward trauma that a friend thanked Matt for what he did and was thankful people like him were there when she needed them.   

Well, now I feel bad.  He's gone a lot and works really hard, but he is helping people, like, saving their lives in some cases and operating on them.  Oh my gosh, he is a surgeon.  And all this time all I could remember was that he was a husband and a father.  While we miss and need him, there are other people that currently need him more.
 Well crap.  Pitty party over.
I have said it before, but our situation pales in comparison to military families.  Matt does get to come home and sleep in our bed and he is not getting shot at.  It could be so much worse.
Residency is not a lot of fun, but thousands before us have survived and so will we.
It was just a good reminder God sent through a friend that adjusted the way I think about what is important in life and what is really going on.  Matt gets to do what he loves and help others in the process.  I get to do what I love, and even though you think you would die without your cell phone I am really not saving your life.  I do manage to keep the kids alive, so there is that.  

So everyone over here at Miller Mayhem will continue to work our tails off and keep everyone we can alive.  

“But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, My glory, and the One who lifts my head.” 
Psalms 3:3 

Personal note - I know Sheshe, Nana, and Grandmaw will love these pictures of Matt in the operating room.  I think it is so cool to see him at work!

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